Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mary Sloan's Birthday Party

Today the girls went to a spa party for Mary Sloan today. They had such a good time! They got their finger and toe nails painted and they both wanted their hair straightened. I couldn't believe how long their hair was and that they sat still for so long. Here are some pictures of their fun party.

Toe nails and finger nails being painted.

Sarah with her hair straightened.

Sarah couldn't stop looking at her hair in the mirror.

Molly with her hair finished.

Posing with her friend Bennett


Abigail and Ansley said...

Wow! Their hair looks so good that way too! That is so cool that they can do it either way and it look so pretty! Come on, Mom, aren't you going to have lots of extra time to straighten their hair out in the mornings! Ha! What a neat idea for a party!

Nurse To Be said...

Love these pictures!