Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Busy Week!

We have had a busy week at our house. The girls have had a visit from their Aunt Joy, Uncle Colby and cousin Jake. Cousin Jake has been staying with us and will be here for a while so quite a few of our pictures will be of him with us.

Just call us sock hands! Grandma got us some black and red socks on sale and we found them in our closet the other day and we have enjoyed putting them on our hands and feet and having a good ole time. I could barely get them to sit still long enough to take a picture. It was cute!
We are such good helpers with cousin Jake. When he doesn't know how to play with a toy we are right there to help......and I mean right there.
This is Jake getting A LOT of instruction from us.
We are so sweet to let Jake play in our room. Usually it is no boys allowed, but we made an exception for Jake.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good Helpers

The other day Brian put a filter underneath the sink in the kitchen and the girls were "helping". Sarah really was holding the flash light for him and Molly was just snooping around. Too cute!

Girls Playing Hard

We have found some new toys that we like. Our new favorite toys are the Weebles, but we haven't been "caught on camera" yet with them.

Sarah and her purse. She puts toys in it and carries it around.

Nothing comes between a girl and her cell phone. She carries it around and opens it up and talks on it. Very cute!

Some old toys revisited. With cousin Jake coming we have gotten ready some old toys and the girls found them interesting....for a fleeting moment.

While this is not a new "toy" they girls have discovered Sesame Street and like to watch it in their "big girl chair" . They use their big girl stool to climb in and out of it.