Monday, July 24, 2006

A Jean Jacket and The Incredible Hulk

(you wouldn't like me when I am angry) A quote from the Hulk for those of you who do not remember it. Sarah loved the jacket and Molly loved getting out more clothes to be worn on top of the jacket and outfit she was already wearing. By the time I got this picture I think there were 4 layers. That is why she looks so bulky!

I just want to be taller! Sarah would not take off the jacket for anything. Molly tried it on that day and hated it! She cried until I took it off.

Then 2 days later Molly finally got with the program and loved it. Of course because she didn't want me to I didn't snap it so she figured out how to take it off. Silly girl. They are both such hams for the camera.

Now this one is one of my favorites. The girls were playing with the left over nets I had from VBS and Brian and I put them on their heads and they looked like Little House on the Prairie girls. Too cute. It is funny to me how they will let you put ANYTHING on their heads!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We're Cousins....two of a kind!
(not really since we are girls and he is a boy)
Cousin Jake - sitting up like a big boy!
Sarah's going in for a closer look.

Another visit from cousin Jake, actually they came last month, but I didn't get these pictures off the camera until then. Big boy Jake can now sit up (with assistance) and he just looks like such a big boy! We had a nice, but short visit. Hopefully in a couple weeks or so Joy will get that job here and they we will moving back and we can see Jake....whenever! And of course see Joy and Colby too, but mainly Jake!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Sock Heads!!!
Molly....she is such a poser!

Of course when I want to get them to turn around for a

picture then they wont!

Sock Heads??? Well, not much is going on around our house except VBS at church, but the girls aren't even participating in that! They both woke up this morning with YUCKY running noses and snot everywhere - GROSS!!! Although Saturday we had a fun day with Brian around the house. I went to town and Brian was in charge of the girls. I came home to the dishes done and a fairly picked up house. Imagine my surprise! Earlier in the morning we got these hilarious pictures of the "sock heads". Brian was putting on the longest socks I have ever seen to work in the yard and Sarah of course came up with interest. She will let you put anything....and I mean anything on her head. So he tied it around her head and away she went. Then Molly walked up with interest in a sock for herself....that is when I got these fabulous pictures of the sock heads. Brian said they looked like aunt Jemimah, and I said turned around back wards they looked like Tupac. I guess it isn't quite as funny if you weren't there to watch them walking around with socks on their heads, but the pics are cute. Wish me luck with snotty babies!!!