Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Baby!

Jake Kennedy Ruple....born February 27, 2006. Weighing a whopping 8 lbs. and 1 oz. and 22 inches long. He is a big boy....but not fat at all....just long and thin. His feet are huge with long Joy Ellen toes. Colby told me Jake's pinky is half the size of his own. I am so excited he is finally here and we are going to get to see him March 17th. I wish it were sooner, but I think by then all the company and family Joy is going to have will be dying down.

Well, Molly is finally busting in a new tooth. She is only a month or so behind her sister in the teeth dept. They are growing like weeds and it hard to believe looking at pictures of Jake that the girls were ever that small and helpless. Especially considering how mischievous and bold they are becoming. Yesterday Sarah was playing behind the kick and play and decided she then wanted to sit in it. Rather than climbing around to the side the crawls over the top. It's about 18 inches at it's highest point and that is exactly where she scaled over the top. She was fine and was happy as could be once she got there.

Funny girls!!!

A wagon and a warm day....

What a pretty day. The temperature reached 72 and it was beautiful. The girls and I tired of being house bound decided to go to town and do some shopping and people watching at Walmart. On our way home we decided we would take our little wagon outside for a spin. It's maiden voyage. Boy howdy....and I say that because it is appropriate. The girls had a blast. I found the cute little reversible hats at Walmart for them to keep the sun out of their eyes and they were set! They both kept laughing and Molly kept clapping her hands. Hailey following along behind us. You could say we had a great time!

We drove to "downtown" Monette and found their cute little park with walking track. I think the girls and I will spend quite a few days there. I am already thinking about taking all of us for a walk tomorrow.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Christmas 2005 Wow it took a lot of effort to get them to sit still that long!!!  Posted by Picasa

Valentine's Day and Helpers in the Kitchen

Well, the girls are celebrating their first Valentine's Day. Although I don't think they are quite old enough to enjoy it. The girls and I did bake a special heart shaped cake for Brian to celebrate. Actually, the girls ran around in their walkers in the kitchen while I baked the cake. I went over all the steps and the ingredients with them while I was doing it and they pretended to listen. The cake turned out delicious and the girls may have learned a little something.

I remember one of my first lessons from Granny about cooking. I think I was 11 that Thanksgiving and Granny taught me how to make Green Rice casserole. She wrote down the recipe for me and told me that it would be my special contribution to Thanksgiving every year if I wanted it to be. Turns out I still get to make the Green Rice casserole....or broccoli and Rice casserole as I call it. Whatever you call it....it is delicious!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Parent commitment Day

Some time I wonder if people who plan things for children really realize what a task it truly will be. Speaking of which.....

Our church had it's annual parent commitment day, where it honors parents of new babies and the church makes the commitment to help raise the child in the church. It was very sweet, they had us meet early to take some pictures with ALL the new parents in the church. There were 14 babies born last year, including the girls, in our church. As we were lining up to go to the auditorium I noticed that EVERY boy had a full head of hair and every girl was a little light on the hair. One little boy who is 3 weeks younger than the girls had enough hair for a pony tail. Imagine the irony of that to us parents of girls with not so much hair. Oh well, considering how much hair Brian and I have, it pretty much inevitable that the girls will have a lot of hair.....One day!

I think we are going to get a picture of all the parents on that day, so I will try to get one posted soon.

Hailey Bear

What a funny morning we have had! Sarah has discovered the joy of playing with Hailey this morning. Molly was pushing her Hippo walker ALL over the bedroom and Sarah was playing with Hailey and her favorite toy, the goose. Hailey would bring it to Sarah and put it at her feet and then tug of war began. This is leading me to believe that perhaps that is where she is learning to steal her sisters toys away.

Molly on the other hand walking around the room behind the Hippo. She looks too cute when she hits a wall, baby bed, or anything else in her way. With that pleading look in her eyes she turns to me as if to say....hurry mom, I am stuck and I can't go anywhere. I ought to charge admission for people to come and watch them play. They are plenty of entertainment for me!

Wow...What a day! The girls went to sleep at normal time last night...8:30, but Sarah woke up at 11:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep until 4:00 this morning. Molly woke her up at 7:30, their usual time for breakfast, and she was cranky!! Poor thing, I think those new teeth were bothering her.

Funny girls.....They have now discovered the joy of taking what isn't there. For a while now they have taken pacifiers away, but we have moved onto other toys. This afternoon they were fighting over a book....I tell myself that means they are both going to excel academically.....but I think it says better that we have a LONG road in front of us. Brian and I might as well go ahead and purchase referee shirts and whistles. Let the fun begin!

New Teeth

Saturday morning up for breakfast just like usual. Sarah of course woke up before Molly and didn't want to cuddle in bed with dad and me so we went to play in the living room to let sister get a little more sleep. Yesterday was a hard day and this morning looking in her little mouth I see why. She has 2 new teeth!! I couldn't believe it. Last night she had one on top starting to come in and then this morning 2 teeth are practically pushing through the gums. Although the sweet poor thing is going to have a space between her front two teeth like her mom. Brian and I decided to go ahead and start a braces fund for them.....just in case!! :) As I type I can here them giggling in the bedroom. The kittens are probably in the window watching the girls as the girls watch the kittens. They are quite a site.