Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wow....I haven't posted in a LONG time.

We have been so busy with company and cousins and shut down. Things have been busy! Joy, Colby and Jake left us and the girls are lonely.

I forgot to mention our zoo trip. Brian's company picnic was at the zoo this year and the zoo was pretty fun, but it was hot and the girls got warm and cranky! So we left early and headed to the hotel and that is where the fun began. The girls had a ball! They jumped up and down on the bed, played in the closet, and ran around chasing each other until they were just about to drop they were so tired!

Molly loved it....Sarah.....hated it!

The girls playing on the bed at the hotel.

Brian had shut down last month and the girls and I took a much needed trip to KY to visit Brian's family. Brian is so busy on the weekends that we don't make time to travel. We had a WONDERFUL time and it was so nice to get to see everyone. We drove up on a Sunday and then Monday went to Kuttawa to visit Brian's Nanny and his Aunt Teresa. Then Monday night everyone was so sweet and had a dinner for us.....well not really for us, but everyone came out to visit us. Brian's Aunt Beth and her family, Jamie and the kids, Brock and Kimberly, Grandma Joann and of course Meme and Peepaw were there. It was a nice trip, we came home on Thursday just in time to meet Brian at home. He sure was pleased to see his girls!

The girls sure love playing outside. The weather has been perfect!