Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy birthday and Easter, Kentucky Style!

We finally got to celebrate the girls Birthday, Easter weekend. We went to KY to visit Brian's family and have a birthday party there. We had such a good time! We had a birthday party Saturday night and then went to church w/ Meme, Pepaw, Uncle Jamie, Sarah, Cousins Taz and Danielle. Then after that we got to go to Nanny Jean's house and have dinner w/ the Travelstead (Brian's Aunt Teresa's family) and Papa Carl. Then Aunt Teresa and Nanny did an Easter egg hunt for us in Nanny's front yard. It was FUN!!!! It really wasn't a hunt as much as it was an obvious see and pick up.....but they REALLY enjoyed it, and we enjoyed watching them! Enjoy the new pictures, sorry I am so long posting!

Cool cake!

Yummmmmmy Cake!

We think Cousin Danielle is the greatest! She is so sweet to us!

Uncle Jamie was "helping" open presents

Cousin Taz killed his very first Turkey Easter morning.

We looked pretty in our Easter dresses from Grandma, but we DID NOT want our pictures taken

Pictures of the great hunt...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday.....or not!

Poor little birthday girls. They were so looking forward to their birthday and their birthday party (or at least mom and dad were). Then the sick bug got them. Molly went to the dr. last Monday feeling really crummy and we left with an antibiotic for an ear infection. By Thursday they were both running fever, running noses, and had BAD attitudes. By Friday morning (birthday morning) they were feeling really bad and so was mom, so we loaded up and went to the dr. He said a virus, contagious and there was nothing that could be done. His recommendation - issolation and bed rest (good luck with the bedrest portion). So we had to cancel the girl's party. By Sunday mom was feeling REALLY bad and poor Sarah had green snot and fever. Our very sweet Dr. Rouse called in a prescription so we didn't have to go BACK to the doctors office again. Everyone seems to be getting over it, but it made for a not so happy birthday. Tonight Grandma and Grandpa are coming over for a birthday dinner and then this weekend our sweet Meme is throwing us a belated birthday party for with our KY family. Here are some Happy Birthday....or not pictures.....

Our Mickey Happy Birthday Cakes!

Yummmmmmm, birthday cake.

Ms. I didn't want to get my hands dirty.

Wow.....our very own 4 Wheelers!

Opening presents from Uncle Josh.

Molly LOVES ripping the paper off.