Saturday, June 09, 2007

We are going to the zoo........again!
We love the zoo! The animals, and riding in our "car", cousin Jake, the carousel. I mean really, what isn't to like! We went to the zoo over Memorial Day weekend and we had such a good time, as usual. I think their favorite is still the polar bears and the sea lions, just because they can see them inside and it is almost like they are still. Or maybe Brian is right and they are my favorite because of the air conditioning....could be!

Enjoy our new pictures of us at the zoo wearing our red, white, and blue in honor of Memorial Day. Thanks for visiting with us again, and thanks for those of you that leave comments to let us know you enjoy looking at our pictures!!

Riding with cousin Jake in our "car" which is WAYYYYYY cooler than a regular stroller.

It looks like we are looking at nothing, but we are really looking at the giraffes....we love them too.

Watching the sea lions with Uncle Colby, Jake, and Joy. They are so much fun! Look at me daddy, I am riding the carousel and not crying....yeah!

Cousin Jake loves Yaya the panda bear.

Just cooling off after a LONG morning at the zoo, but we will be back!