Monday, October 08, 2007

Hailey "Bear" Stahl

February 18, 2003 - October 5, 2007

I know some may think it is silly to put a post about Hailey on the girl's blog, but she was as important to them as she was to me. She was hit Friday night on Hwy 18.

She was such a special dog and I know everyone that knew her will miss her. I am sure some people who don't love animals would think that she was just a dog, but she was so much more than that! She was a playmate to the girls, the best cuddler, watch dog, companion and just a wonderful dog. She was ALWAYS happy and loved attention from anyone. I think she was just born special, even though I would love to take credit for her disposition.

When I was pregnant and was on bed rest, she would lay in bed with me ALL day long. She would cuddle up to my stomach like she was protecting the girls. After they were born she was always right there watching them in their bassinets and laying next to me on the couch while I nursed the girls, usually cuddled up to one of the girls too. As the girls got bigger she would just follow them around from room to room, watching them play.

She will definitely be missed! Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of her.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Brian bought this goose and her duck for her the day after we got her. It was one of her favorite toys.

She just wanted to do whatever the girls were doing.

She was always right there with one or both of the girls.

You can barely see her under the covers, but she loved to cuddle w/ anyone.

Jake LOVED Hailey, and loved to give her sugars.

She took such good care of "my girls".

The last picture I have of her, she was playing with the girls on their new swing set Daddy built for them. She would just stand at the bottom waiting for them to go up and then down again. She would follow them all around the yard, just to see what they were doing.