Friday, May 30, 2008

These boots are made for walking....

We went to a birthday party for Hannah Jordan and the girls were absolutely fascinated with her rain coat, boots, and umbrella. Grandma found them a rain coat which they fell in love with and the other day she found some ladybug boots to match their jacket.

We went to Grandma's house Wednesday and Grandma let the girls take their boots home. Of course we had to wear them home! We took a bath at before leaving so we wore our pj's and boots was a sight to behold. Of course yesterday as soon as they go up they wanted to wear their boots again. Most of the day their ensemble was this: Boots, panties, shirts and scraggly hair.

After Brian got home the girls went out with him while I packed for the girls to go to Meme. The girls helped Brian take the trash to the curb and I got these cute pictures of the girls outside "helping" Brian.

Actually helping Daddy take the trash to the curb

We are starting to try and dress ourselves and we are having some difficulties understanding inside out and if our tags are where they are supposed to be.

Oh, I love my sister.

Wow, is that a dead frog, I think I need to touch it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Time!

What a beautiful day it was on Saturday. We had some friends over to celebrate summer. It is nice to have Christian friends, good friends that enjoy just sitting visiting. Toby, Chad, and Michael helped Brian hang rehang the girls tire swings and now they go SO high.

Here are some pictures from our night with our friends. The girls especially enjoyed playing with Hannah.

Toby pushing, and pushing, and pushing

Brian taking John Mark for a ride.....he really enjoyed riding.

Baby Hallee was loved on by everyone.

Brian got to take his turn swinging and swinging.

Toby giving rides.

The girls putting on a show.

Look at these moms getting a break.....yeah!

Enjoying the beautiful weather! We couldn't have asked for a better day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh, My Funny Molly

*******This is my third attempt at this post*************

You know how you have those moments when your kids do something funny and you think, wow, sure wish I had a camera for that. And then sometimes when you see that funny thing happening your next thought is.....yeah, a post in the blog! Well, it just so happened that my camera was within reaching distance when I found Molly doing this:

Yes, that is a pink flute in her panties

Molly has been struggling with pooping in the potty and she earned her poo poo prize today and she was so excited! However, she couldn't find a place to keep it since she didn't want to wear her clothes today, so I guess her panties seemed as good a place as any.

Sarah to Molly - You had that where? No, I don't want to play it.

Stay.......and Sarah won't get you

Aren't we cute with our pigtails?

Ten Things

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. I am thankful that my girls are not afraid to try new things or things outside their comfort level.

2. The girls got to ride horses tonight and had a GREAT time.

3. No accidents today, yeah!! That right there is something to be thankful for. The had 3 days this weekend with no accidents....yeah!

4. Molly did break her toe 6 weeks ago. We had an xray taken and were told it wasn't broken, but took her to Dr. Lee Woodruff, who is awesome, and he said it was broken, but it is looking good. Poor thing, but I am thankful she is healing.

5. My sweetie has made it his mission to make sure I have a cold Diet DP every morning since I bragged on him for putting one in the fridge for me last week....sweetheart!

6. My girls are so friendly to people they meet and it makes me thankful that they are so friendly!

7. Molly got up from her nap today kind of sleepy and groggy, but climbed into my lap and said, "I love you, mommy, give me your sugars". Isn't that the sweetest?

8. Sarah in the car today was singing one my favorite Veggietale songs about God Made Me Special, and one of the lines talks about having curly hair and some people don't. Sarah and I talked earlier today about how special she is to have curly hair and she told me she didn't like it. Then while she was singing her song in the car this morning she recognized the lyrics and said, "wow, I have curly hair too, I am special".

9. My foot is feeling wonderful, thanks Dr. Lee, he really is the best.

10. After spending the weekend away from Brian he was so glad to have us home and we were so glad to be home. Being away makes your appreciate what you have and makes you thankful.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Come Fly With Me

This post is 2 parts, the first part.....flying kites. This weekend the girls and I went to Memphis and tried to fly kites at Shelby Farms (that of course wasn't the only thing we did).

Unfortunately we couldn't put the kite together, however, the girls had a wonderful time watching everyone else flying their kites. Brian stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home from work today and brought the girls kites. Oh, that was FUN!!! There aren't many people that can fly a kite in their back yard, we did tonight. Molly loved holding it and then when she bored with that, she went to pick up the kites that fell down. Sarah just wanted to play in the dirt and let the kites fly away and then laugh as we ran after them. I forgot my camera to take pictures, but maybe we will get a chance later in the week.

Part 2 - These pictures are weeks old, sorry that I have been lazy in my posting. These are pictures of the girls and their Christmas present from Aunt Joy. They love it, but what is not to love. I want to eventually turn our backyard into a playground!!

Sarah bringing me a flower, isn't she sweet!

Molly really trying to convince me to let her wear her hat outside. They love those cheap hats!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Wow, more rain. I am trying very hard to be thankful for everything else good even though it is raining.....again! At least it is a Tuesday and not a Thursday.

1. I got my squirrel, yeah!!

2. Sophie is feeling better.

3. Still caught up on laundry. I am terrible with laundry so every week I am caught up, this may be on my list.

4. My thoughtful husband! I forgot to put my Diet DP in the fridge last night (like I do every night before bedtime) and I mentioned it to him and this morning he remembered and put it in so I had one for breakfast. A very small thing, but it meant so much to me!

5. The girls back slided on their potty training, but we have had no accidents today.

6. I got my fabric ordered today....the last yard on the website....timed perfectly!

7. Good weekend with my family, Josh has a very sweet girlfriend that we got to meet this weekend.

8. Nap time, I do love nap time

9. Legos, the girls are obsessed with them right now and will sit and play for a long time with them.

10. Diet Dr Pepper....oh I love it!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh my!! We had such a good day today. My hubby went above and beyond to make sure I had a fabulous and memorable day. With the exception of the 3 hours I was up in the middle of the night with Sophie yacking and pooping, it was just perfect.

Brian let me sleep in a little later this morning while he got up with the girls. Then after he fixed them breakfast (oatmeal, daddy's speciality) the girls brought me their personalized cards, and by personalized I mean he picked them out considering each girls personality. Then I got his card, boy howdy and thanks to Kristie Sanders. My husband got me a gift certificate to one of the fancy spas in Jonesboro for a day of relaxation and time for myself. He arranged Grandma to keep the girls and I can go and have whatever I want done on him. Is that the best or what???? I saw and it thought....a spa? I would never go to a spa....which is why he bought the gift certificate for me. Isn't that the best? All those things are wonderful, but Brian just did everything today to give me a break. I am anxious to go to the spa and use my gift certificate, but him helping me and giving me the day to myself was probably the best present he could have given me.

Here are some pictures of my girls the day they were born, my sweet babies. I love these pictures!

My first picture with the girls

My sweet Molly

My Sweet Sarah

Both my girls

Thursday, May 08, 2008

13 Thursday

Okay, I don't have a ton of dirty secrets, but I have a million guilty pleasures.

13 Guilty Pleasures

1. Romance novels. I do not like the trashing kind, but true love stores. I am the least romantic female on the face of the earth, but I love a good love story.
2. Chocolate. I can't get enough of it.
3. Bottled Water. Green schmeen, I am all about recycling (I don't do it, but I support those who do), but I have to have bottled water. It is not the taste or that I am a bottle snob, I am just lazy, pure and simple. What is easier than bottled water?
4. Diet Dr Pepper. Between my husband any myself we probably drink around 30 Diet Dp's in one week....yes, I said one week. They are addictive, I tell you!
5. Listening to my Ipod. I love my kids, but I love the sound of take me away from laundry and my kids music. I really do like Dan Zanes and Veggietales music, but every now and then I need Candlebox, The Shins, or James Taylor.
6. Good shoes, I need good shoes, I love good shoes. I bought and posted a picture of a really cute pair of shoes from Target that are still in the box and have never been worn (other than the night I bought them).
7. Name brands. There are lots of things I skimp on and buy great value, but for the most part I am a name brand girl.
8. My air conditioner. It runs constantly. When I was preggers during the middle of winter time it was set on 60. I hate to be hot, sweat, or feel even the slightest bit stuffy. It makes me grouchy (just ask Brian).
9. My TiVo. I love it, not like I love my kids or my husband or the rest of my family, but I genuinely think I feel affection towards it. Like my air conditioner I don't think I could live with out it.
10. My laptop/Wireless Internet. Holy Cow, what did I do before I had both of those?
11. Chik Fil A. When JMG at the ripe old age of 15 months could say Chik Fil A, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. That is why he says my name about 100 times a day!
12. Wal-mart. I know lots of people don't like it and feel that perhaps it is even evil, but I love the convenience of it.
13. I save the best for last. Mother's Day Out. I am not sure it qualifies as a guilty pleasure, but I sure enjoy it. I do really enjoy being around my kids and I don't want anyone to have the impression that I don't enjoy them. There is just something about those 5 hours I get to myself to do ANYTHING I want.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Okay, I need to put a disclaimer in my posting about the girls bedroom. I did NOT paint their bedroom. My wonderful brother in law (Colby) painted the green under the chair rail. My friend Carlotta painted the tree and the other walls in the room.

I could NEVER do anything like the girl's bedroom, I can't even paint a circle (future post) for a project AG is helping with for my bathroom. So if you need something done for any room in your home or anything, Carlotta Ashley is who you need to talk to. She is very talented and so reasonably priced and I happen to have her phone number if you wanted something painted.

Here is the rest of her work in the girl's bedroom. Like I said, she is VERY talented!
Also, for my fellow fabric addicts, I added a pic of the fabric I found yesterday to my 10 Tuesday Post.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ten Things

I am too tired to find the 10 Things thingy tonight, but if you close your eyes, you can imagine it


10 Things I am Thankful for

1. This day is over! Whew, the girls were cranky and we had quite a few potty training incidents today.

2. My hubby went to the store while the girls were in the bath to buy me vanilla extract. If that isn't romantic, I don't know what is!

3. I am making cheesecake squares, the best dessert in the world.

4. I am caught up on my laundry, hallelujah.

5. Molly hurt her finger riding outside with Brian, but came in and told me, "I just shake it off". Molly is a bit of a drama queen, so I am thankful to hear her take this attitude with an injury.

6. I am finished with a project on my to do list.....yeah! See yesterday's post.

7. I found some fabulous fabric today, for another project on my list (the dust ruffle).

8. My air conditioner. When I was younger I would visit my grandparents in the summer and they didn't always run their air conditioner. I told Brian as an adult I would give up food to keep a cool house in the summer. I even love the smell of the air conditioner.

9. Brian coming home and taking the girls outside and spending time with them while I cleaned the kitchen after supper. I love putting the girls to bed and being finished with my daily chores. Whoooo peeeeee!

10. My sister has healed wonderfully from her surgery and after talking to her today, she sounds like her old self and said she is feeling great. Thank you for capable surgeons and her quick healing time.

Now that it is over, I am seeing that today was a pretty good day!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Show Your Stuff Monday

Well, I finally got the girls beds finished....well I should say the headboards finished. I still have to finish the dust ruffle, but other than that I am just so happy to have the headboards finished. I need to do some throw pillows as well and I haven't decided what to do on the dust ruffles yet, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Here are some pics:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

13 Thursday.....on Sunday

I am way behind! Way behind!! Brian was out of town last week and it was a flurry of bedtime fights and potty training. I am so glad my husband is home. It makes me appreciate the emotional support he provides for not only me, but the girls as well. They followed him around all day Saturday, and being the super dad that he is, he spent ALL day with them. I even got to take some time for me to do a little alone shopping and alone movie viewing, and one of my favorite things, alone driving. I love being married, and I love my being married to my husband. Absense does make the heart grow stronger, and more apprecaitive. My list really has nothing to do with what I wrote above, I just needed to say it.

Danna had a post about great days and it got me to thinking about good days I have had and I am pretty sure I can come up with 13. These are in no particular order.

1. The day I met my husband and he said the words church of Christ and that he always wanted a family.

2. Graduation....not the day exactly (although it was pretty good) but all the days, months and years leading up to my last day of school.

3. The first time Brian told me he loved me, that was a great day!

4. Ocala, FL, Junior year in high school. Singing in the chorus at the most wonderful church. Feeling such a sense of spirituality and love from a congregation and I remember how emotional it felt to know how much we were touching them.

5. Summer 2001, Destin, FL, laying on the beach with an old friend looking at the stars and talking about how good life is and how good God is to us.

6. This past friday night when my Brian got home we spent the evening with the girls and after they went to bed we talked and laughed and talked like we hadn't seen each other in forever and that feeling of knowing that I chose the perfect person for me.

7. The day my girls were born, it was wonderful! My c-section was painless and I felt wonderful (other than stressed because of the whole becoming "mom" thing) and excited to see the girls. And the first time I got to see them all smooshed and slimey, it was perfect!

8. The night Brian was baptized. Mine should have made the list, but I was so young that I feel like I was getting a do over through Brian with his decision to be baptized.

9. One Easter when we lived in St. Louis, my dad took the time to buy something special for our Easter baskets. It seems silly that would stick out in my mind, but mom was "in charge" of things like that and I remember thinking how special it was that he took the time to do that for us.

10. The first time we took the girls to the butterfly house at the zoo in Memphis. I am always amazed at how emotional it makes me to see the girls enjoy something and this was especially amazing.

11. A birthday skating party I had when I was 9. My parents did a wonderful job of celebrating our birthdays, but we didn't really do huge parties. I think was 9 or 10, I don't remember exactly, but I got to have a skating party. It was so fabulous!

12. The first Christmas morning Brian and I spent with my family.

13. The day we went for the first US and saw it was twins on the screen. We were so excited!

I think I could have come up with about 50 more, but I am sure not everyone wants to here every good day!