Sunday, May 21, 2006

Swimming Pool Fun!!!! Summer is here and it is warm outside! We bought the girls a pool about a month ago when it started getting warm outside, but about the time we bought it the cool air came back and with it brought all the rain. Well, actually we bought one and it had a hole in it. So, we bought another one and that took some time. Brian said I shouldn't expect any more out of a $9 pool. Yesterday was a perfect day for them to go swimming. Brian filled the pool up at lunch and then after their afternoon nap we sunscreened up and outside we went. Sarah hated it a first, but once she saw Molly get used to it and actually like it she started to enjoy herself. Kicking and splashing. They were so funny splashing each other. Unfortunately it was short lived because Molly decided to bless us with a special surprise. Oh, well. After we get the pool cleaned and completely disinfected we will be swimming again in no time! It was worth every penny to see them splashing and enjoying themselves!

Friday, May 19, 2006

She Walks!!!!

Well, it is official.....Molly is walking. Thank goodness! She has actually been kind of walking for a couple of weeks now, but just the last couple of days while Brian has been out of town and has missed it, she just takes off on her own. It is sad to watch my babies growing up and doing big girl things. Before we know it we will be taking them to kindergarten.

I was looking at pictures last night to see what they looked like at the age Jake is now and it is amazing how different they look now. I used to think they were cute back then.....of course now I think they are dolls. I am biased I realize, but who wouldn't love those cute little faces with such sweet smiles. Sarah just keeps getting tooth, after tooth, after tooth. Molly is just working on her fifth, but I am sure she will be catching Sarah soon.

I thought I would post a picture of the girls when they were around 3 months old.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Swing set finished!!!!

Well, Brian finished the swing set in record time. He said he still needs to put pea gravel underneath and pour the quickset and paint it, but it is officially operational and the girls LOVE it!!! Yesterday, when he finished we bundled up the girls and took them outside to give it a test run. It was so cold outside and the wind was blowing so we put on jackets, long pants, and socks. Crazy May weather. Molly was a little scared at first, but when Brian sat down in front of her to swing her she was loving it! Sarah on the other hand couldn't go high enough. I think he could have done a flip all the way around and she would have loved it. I think she is going to definitely be our daredevil. She already seems to be on her way.

Molly is walking more and more. Only once I have I seen her walk without prompting, but she is getting there. I guess that is why they are called baby steps. Sarah just gets up and walks whenever, wherever she wants. Of course Grandpa said she walks like Ned the Whino, which she does.

Sarah has some major teething coming in right now. With the ones she has and the ones coming in she has 11 in total. The odd thing is that most of them are on the left side of her mouth. Wonder what that means???

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just a swingin'

Molly and Sarah are the proud owners of two outside swings now. Grandpa and Brian set the up the other day and the giggling that went on you would think that was the best thing they have ever done. Of course we enjoyed watching them as well.

Brian, Grandpa and Uncle Josh worked on their outside home made swing set on Sunday. It looks great and it is HUGE! Ready for any rough and tumble the girls can throw its way.

Baby Jake came for a visit!

Wow! It has been a lot of fun having Jake and Joy for a visit. The girls don't know quite what to think of him, but the rest of us are really enjoying having him around! He is so much bigger than the girls were at his age and it is interesting to see how far the girls have come since that age.

It has definitely made me appreciate for the most part all the sleep Brian and I get now versus when the girls were that small.

The girls sure have been funny the last couple of days. Yesterday Molly ventured out on her own to take a few step unassisted. She is getting a little bit braver every day. Sarah just gets up and walks any time the spirit moves her.

Well more later!