Monday, December 29, 2008

Fall Festival

These are our Fall Festival pictures from this year. We had a great time even though I volunteered to work the whole night. The girls looked so cute as ladybugs!
Getting ready to leave....Sarah took this picture...pretty good!

Ah, sisterly love!

Horrible Family Picture

Zoo Boo

Oh, for the love of Zoo Boo. It was wonderful, and the kids had a great time!
Uncle Josh and the kids.

Holding our tickets and standing in line.

Riding on the rides

The boats were good times, except I was afraid they would bail into the water.

Happy Birthday Papa / Grandpa

The girls decided to make a birthday cake for Papa/Grandpa this year. I did the letters and they looked horrible!!! A cake decorator, I am NOT! The girls put the rest of the decorations on and the sprinkles......lots and lots of sprinkles!

The girls got to make their own cupcakes to eat.

Molly was SO proud!

Our Mud Hole

Usually Brian is the fun parent and I am the one who is lets just stay clean. Well for once I got to initiate something fun and messy for the girls. The mud hole....and it was messy, but they had a great time.

This is our friend the tree frog, he visited us on our back door for a while. I think until Molly got him. She loves some frogs.

The Fair

The Fair was during shut down so Daddy didn't get to go with us, but we went with Grandma and had a great time. The girls really did enjoy the rides, but I think the animals were their favorite part.

Riding on the roller coaster with Grandma.
Sarah was ready to go!

This ride was so high, but the girls didn't seem to notice.

Sarah rode it by herself the first time.

Vrmmmmmmmm, rmmmmmmm

Yummmm, cotton candy.
Yuck, cotton candy.

Molly LOVED the animals.

Sarah feeding the animals. She was a little more shy about it than Molly.

The Wedding

Back in September, Brian's cousin Amy got married and she asked the girls to be in the wedding. Molly LOVED it! Every second of it, but Sarah......not so much!

Really the highlight of our trip to KY that weekend was getting to ride on Meme's bus and PePaw's tractor. Who knew?

Trying to get a good picture with the luck!

Brian's beautiful and patient cousin, Amy.

All the flower girls and Amy. Brian's cousin Allison is the bridesmaid on the right.

Brian's Uncle David and Aunt Teresa (brother and sister). The girls LOVE Aunt Teresa, she is so much fun and is always laughing and smiling.

Molly and Nanny. We love Nanny, she has adopted me as another grand daughter. She is just the sweetest.

Riding in the tractor with PePaw

They loved the tractor.

Meme's school bus

First Day of Mothers Day Out

Wow, I didn't realize how far behind I was! Here is a picture from the girls first day of Mothers Day Out. Our teachers this year are Ms. Pat and Ms. Paula and we love them so much, they are so sweet. We also have a lot of new friends this year and we are going on Tuesdays and Thursdays now.
Neither of the girls wanted to look at the camera. They were more interested in all the kiddos coming and going.

Monday, December 01, 2008

It is beginning to look, feel, and smell a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas, really love Christmas. I love the lights, the smells and everything about it. Well, not everything! I have composed my list of things I loathe and love about Christmas.

10 Things I Loathe or Love About My Favorite Holiday, Christmas

1. Love - I love Christmas lights and trees, there is something about the holiday decorations that makes me feel euphoric. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy! Who can see a Christmas tree and now smile?

2. Loathe - Walmart - Have you been to Walmart the last week or so? If not, I suggest avoiding it like the plague. I generally love Walmart, but not now and not until the week after Christmas. However, here is a helpful tip from me to you......if you NEED to go to Walmart, then get in your car and drive to Blytheville. Even on Christmas Eve there is probably 1/8 of people there than at any Jonesboro Walmart.

3. Love - Christmas Cookies - sugar cookies with too much icing and tasteless sprinkles. Yummmm

4. Loathe - Traffic - been by the Mall lately?

5. Love - Christmas Cards - I do truly love going to my mailbox and getting mail. I love to open my email and get emails, but there is something about a hand written, postage, personally addressed letter from a friend or family member. The first Christmas card of the season is always put in a special place in our home and in my heart. I know it may sound silly, but if you love me, you will send me a Christmas card!

6. Loathe - Toy Commercials - I have news for you Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price, the makers of playstation, anything Barbie, or Pokemon......I HAVE TiVO!!!

7. Love - Christmas Music - My new favorite this year is by Veggietales and it is the best. Of course if you know me or have been in my Jeep, my Jeep is only allowed to play Veggietales.

8. Loathe - Bad Christmas Music - Anyone ever been to Little Bit of Christmas? Anyone worked at Little Bit of Christmas? Anyone ever heard Randy Travis sings Christmas songs for 12 hours?

9. Love - The Smell of Christmas - anything cinnamon, cookies, pine needles, anything like that.

10. Love - My Girls - I have never loved Christmas as much as I have since I have my girls. Everything about Christmas is new and fun for them, therefore new and fun for Brian and I. The presents, lights, cookies, gingerbread men, Christmas penguin, Santa, and of course the Christmas section of Walmart. Better than the toy dept.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Well, I am feeling lazy and I do not feel like looking for the 10 things imagine it HERE.

1. I am so busy with my little teeny business.

2. I actually had a customer Sunday say REALLY nice things about me. Sometimes it is just good to hear.

3. My girls went to sleep without a fight tonight and last night...2 nights in a row....yippeeee!

4. My new friend Susan, it is good to have new friends and I love and appreciate my Christian friends. I hope I never take that kind of friendship for granted!

5. Julie.

6. Sonic, sonic, sonic, sonic, sonic. There are not many great things about living in Monette, AR, but being 8 minutes from Happy Hour at Sonic is almost at the top of that list.

7. My girls went to sleep without a fight tonight and last night....2 nights in a row...yippeee!

8. My girls friends at school that they LOVE! It warms my heart to hear my girls talk about their friends at "school" and tell stories of all the funny things they have done.

9. New songs at church Sunday morning. My girls were beaming with pride as they sang their little hearts out to one of our favorite VeggieTale songs.

10. Mr. Brad pulled me aside after Children's Church Sunday and told me how wonderful the girls were doing in Children's Church and how much he enjoyed hearing them sing. I love me some singing babies....especially my babies!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh for the love of a light up shirt

Many of you who know me at all know that I have NO fashion sense. I wear what I like and I dress my girls the same way. We will never have the latest release from Gymboree or Baby Gap, but gently used clothes worn by twins before us that we will pass on to some very sweet twins that are younger than us.

However, there are certain clothing trends I am not sure I will ever be on board with. Here are a list of a few: character shirts (shudder at the thought, although we wear them as play shirts at home and night shirts), shorty skirts, anything with glitter, anything written on bottoms, and my new least favorite: light up shirts. Oh my, what were the manufactures of these thinking? My mom (who buys a ton of the girls clothes) let Molly pick out a Halloween shirt that was light up. I told her she could have it, but it would never be seen by the public eyes. Molly lost interest before Sarah could pick one out and we dodged a bullet that time.

Well, we were at Walmart Sunday and found their Halloween gear on sale for 50% off and I let them pick out their favorites. Molly picked a purple one, since this month it is her favorite color. Sarah picked one with Tinkerbell on it. I enjoy that they enjoy these shirts so much.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catch Up

I have a lot to catch up on, mainly my blogging. We have had a wedding, trips, and more funny stuff than I can think of, but I have been too busy to blog. Well, not too busy, just unmotivated and my laptop crashed and I hate sitting in my sewing room on the computer to blog. I can't always hear Sarah where ever she is in the house, and make no mistake, I always need to hear where Sarah is.

Okay, so I am promising to download some pictures tonight and maybe even some new blogs posts. Yeah!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things Tuesday.....with the letter J, Andria did the letter K, which seemed like it would be really hard, so I am going to take on the letter J.

1. Joy, James, Josh, Jake - some of my favorite people have a J in their name.

2. Jello pudding, makes my yummy guilt free muffins

3. Java - I don't like the taste, but the smell is yummm.

4. Jackets - I am ready to bust out the jackets for fall.

5. Jonesboro - my refuge from the cotton fields.

6. Job - the fact that my husband has one that allows me to get to spend my days with my babies.

7. Junk - I am trying to purge and get rid of junk...a little at a time I am climbing the mountain of junk.

8. Joke - I heard a joke on TV last night and told it to Brian and he laughed, and laughed. I love to hear him laugh.

9. Jeep - my jeep is paid off....yeah!

10. Jeans - my jeans are quite a bit looser than they were earlier in the month...yeah!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Sarah

I need to build this story up. First of all, Sarah broke her night light (she tends to be a little destructive at times). After she took it apart, the light bulb disappeared. Because this isn't the first time this has happened we used the last replacement light bulb a week ago. I bought some at the store today, but Brian forgot to reload the night light before he tucked them in. We had all three (yes, I said three) closet lights on, but they KNEW that night light wasn't plugged in. I gave it to Brian (so he could be the hero with the night light) to take to them to help calm the masses. Unfortunately, that didn't do it.

So I go in there and sit on the side of Sarah's bed trying to calm her down, since she has worked herself into a tizzy. I keep kissing her and rubbing her back and I finally told her to close her eyes. She looked up at me and with the most serious face she said, "I can't close my eyes, there are boogers in them".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things

1. Only 6 more days of shut down, 6 more days until Brian comes home, yeah!

2. Ladies Bible Class this morning, we had a great meeting last week and I have been looking forward to this morning all weekend.

3. Fall weather, I just love it.

4. Potty Trained little it is GOOD!

5. The ability to be able to fill up my tank even when gas gets as high as it is right now.

6. The Fall Festival is ON, yeah!!!!!! And the planners are just the best to work with, what a fun group!

7. See No. 2, the babysitters that give up their study and visiting time to take care of ALL of our kiddos so we can have time together.

8. I am FINALLY caught up on my laundry....until Brian comes home :)

9. Big box of 101 cookie cutters from Walmart. We have enjoyed some out of the ordinary shaped things at our house. A very good $8 investment.

10. The wedding is over, the girls did pretty good, but it is over! I will post more pics on that later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

10 Things Tuesday

1. This weather, how fabulous is this weather!

2. Hard working husband, even though we are missing him with his work schedule, I am so proud of how hard he works.

3. New yummy smelling laundry detergent, I have been using the same brand for YEARS and I am trying something new.

4. I love Diet Dr. Pepper.

5. Mother's Day Out is back.

6. The girls really like their ballet class.

7. Brian and I are both doing well on our diet plans.

8. Finding old friends on Facebook, I know that one is kind of silly, but I love seeing the family of friends I haven't seen in years.

9. Freshly painted toenails, who doesn't like that girly feeling of freshly painted toenails.

10. Ladies Bible class. We have some great friends and Ash picked out an awesome book that I think we are all going to benefit from.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My funny kids

I love my kids, I always read the funny things other people's kids say and I think....hmmmm, kids are funny.

Apparently, Mr. Kevin must have sang "I've got the love of Jesus in my heart" about 100 times on Sunday because Sarah has been singing it ever since. I think perhaps we need to ask Mr. Kevin for some clarification because this is the song my Sarah heard, "if the demil doesn't like he can (bad word) on a tag, (bad word) on a tag, Tuesday. Great song!!

Then I was looking at some bumps on Molly's arm and she said, "no, don't touch it". She got all upset and I said why, what is it? She turned me and said, "those are nipples, more nipples on my arm".

Here is a non related picture, but I thought I would post this for Works for me Wednesday. I was trying to get us packed and out the door the other day and I was trying very hard to do this with the girls awake...ugggg! Here are the ingredients for 45 minutes of free time for mom at the Stahl house:

2 plastic bowls
4 cups of water
water toys
2 towels

There you have a pinch 45 minutes of entertainment.

Friday, September 05, 2008

First Day of Mothers Day Out

We had our first day of Mother's Day Out yesterday. I was anxious and excited all at the same time and the girls seemed to be indifferent. We got up and had breakfast talking all the while about school and how much fun it was going to be. I went to buckle Sarah in her car seat and she said, "I won't cry if you give me hugs and sugars before you leave me". How cute is that???

Of course I had everything ready except my memory card for my camera which walked off with a 3 year old the day before. Uggggg! I called Ms. Ash to the rescue, but had a VERY uncooperative Sarah so we tried again when I picked them up. Grandma to the rescue. Of course they aren't looking at the picture, but they had a good time, you can tell from the mussed hair and paint on their face.