Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh for the love of a light up shirt

Many of you who know me at all know that I have NO fashion sense. I wear what I like and I dress my girls the same way. We will never have the latest release from Gymboree or Baby Gap, but gently used clothes worn by twins before us that we will pass on to some very sweet twins that are younger than us.

However, there are certain clothing trends I am not sure I will ever be on board with. Here are a list of a few: character shirts (shudder at the thought, although we wear them as play shirts at home and night shirts), shorty skirts, anything with glitter, anything written on bottoms, and my new least favorite: light up shirts. Oh my, what were the manufactures of these thinking? My mom (who buys a ton of the girls clothes) let Molly pick out a Halloween shirt that was light up. I told her she could have it, but it would never be seen by the public eyes. Molly lost interest before Sarah could pick one out and we dodged a bullet that time.

Well, we were at Walmart Sunday and found their Halloween gear on sale for 50% off and I let them pick out their favorites. Molly picked a purple one, since this month it is her favorite color. Sarah picked one with Tinkerbell on it. I enjoy that they enjoy these shirts so much.


Abigail and Ansley said...

This post made me laugh! My sister bought the girls light up Dora shirts...double wammy...light up and character shirt! She, however, made sure that I understood not too let them wear them out in public...I was already thinking that though! :) The cowgirl costumes were a BIG hit! The girls ask to wear them almost everyday! We appreciate your always being so thoughtful and thinking of us! I would love to get our girls together sometime when we are in town! Have a great week!

ashleigh said...

Remember that Cosby Show where Rudy steals money from her mom to buy...a light up shirt with tropical fish on it! hehehehe By the time she bought it, hid it, and got to wear it, only one little light came on, which prompted Mama H to say, "One tiiiiiiiiired lil' fish eye," which was a favorite quote at our house for a long time.

You know, I also hate the character shirt, but we do have some much-loved Elmo gear that we wear to bed. Stick to your guns, mom!

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree with your fashion rules. My mom's big rule when I was little was not to wear pink and red together.

Jenny said...

I was also against the glitter, but I think I have just become immune to it by now! :) Also, watch out... Walmart is advertising light-up Christmas shirts now!