Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas in Arkansas
So many goodies and so little time!!!

Sarah just hanging out with cousin Jake and Grandma, just waiting to open presents.

Everyone got started opening presents and there was wrapping paper every where.

Grandma and her "matching" little ones.

We love our new kitchen.

(We got some new pj's to match cousin Jake and ours were just a little too small, but we didn't complain!)

Christmas in Kentucky

Christmas at Nanny's

Christmas at Meme and Peepaw

We got so many nice goodies where ever we went. And we got to see lots of family and we had a great time!


Christmas Eve

Milk and cookies for Santa

Molly was just too excited to sleep.

Sarah just snoozing usual.

Christmas Morning
Molly & Sarah Christmas Morning w/ their Stockings and their first tree in their room.

Molly opening presents from Santa.

Sarah would tear off one piece of paper at a time. She didn't enjoy it as much as Molly.

One of our favorite Christmas morning surprises, our cottage from Granny & Pappa.