Monday, July 30, 2007

Winter in July????

The girls were playing in their closet the other day, which has provided me with a host of wonderful stories. One of my favorite photo ops was of the girls and their winter coats.....from last year. I have all their winter stuff from last year put up to sell or get rid of this year and along w/ that their HEAVY winter coats. Well they found them and thought it would be SO much fun to wear them around the house....until they got too hot. Here are some pictures of that.....and my pudding girl.'s cold in here!

Yes, I have my hood do you....are you still cold?

We first started w/ out Dora vest and then moved onto heavier coats.

My little pudding face.

She touched her mouth, held up her hand to me and said, "Ewwww, dat's yucky, canna hab a nakin?" My response was sure....after I get your picture :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm sad this morning....

Not really sad, but more aware today than yesterday. As a stay at home I desperately take my children for granted. They are precious and looking through pictures and watching them sleep at night reminds me of how precious they are. Many times throughout the day I wring my hands in frustration with 2 precious 2 year olds who mangage to tear my house apart just looking for self expression and a way to exercise some independence.

I read this blog this morning passed to me from another internet friend. It made me sad and my heart just break for this family, but more than that it made me appreciate my sweethearts more than ever. Maybe during the day I will think about this poor family and what they have lost and it will help me and other appreciate the spilled milk, torn apart closets, crayon colored on walls, and potty training accidents more. I hope it does the same for everyone else that reads what this family has gone through.

One of my all time favorite pictures of my sweeties!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is a story, a story of a girl and her pig......

I hate to have a post that is primarily about one girl and not about the other, so I will post of a picture of Sarah too, but this one is primarily about Molly and her "piggy". Daddy growing up in KY loves the Tractor Supply, where the 4H boys in high school apparently hung out on a daily basis...just kidding, love you daddy. Anyway, we love the tractor supply, but the girls and I love it for a different reason than Brian. They have the most fabulous animals, tractors, trucks, cars, buses, fire engines.....that do NOTHING!! I was trying to distract the girls on a recent visit w/ the animals and I thought they wouldn't go for it because none of the stuff does anything other than just.....well NOTHING. In our fast paced society where every toy requires batteries and little girls have EVERY toy ever invented, I didn't think the immobile animals at TSC had a chance. They went nuts....I guess because there were SOOOO many to look at. Our first trip we bought matching horses and school buses. Then on our second trip (last week) they each got to pick out something special to them. Sarah picked a baby elephant and Molly a baby pig. Brian and I thought surely it would last a couple of hours and disappear like every other toy in our house.....if we ever move (which I hope we do not), I expect to find hidden toys somewhere. I am a pretty thorough cleaner so I don't know where they are going to be, but they have to be somewhere.

Anyway, back to the story of "piggy". Who now is a beloved member of our family. Right now he is in his car seat out in my Jeep, but I am sure first thing in the morning Molly will remember that he is not with her and I will have to go out and get him. Here are some pictures showing the life of "piggy", our newest and smallest family member.

Molly and Piggy eating lunch

Molly, Sarah and Piggy playing peek a boo in the corn plant

Molly and Piggy ridding the horsey (notice piggy in her left pocket)

Finally, Molly and Piggy sleeping....tired, tired Piggy

Oh, and let's not forget Molly's new "bracelet/ponytail holder" that she has been wearing for 2 days
And here is a picture of my sweet Sarah eating cheese dip and refusing to have her picture taken, my sweet Sarah, AKA: Little Jamie, AKA: Bossy, AKA: the bad hair girl. Poor thing! Her daddy said this picture sums up my angel better than any other! Poor thing!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

When 2 year olds don't want to sleep.....

Eric and Rebecca posted recently what happens when 14 month olds don't want to sleep. Well, I wanted to post what happens when twin two year olds don't want to sleep.

The girls were asleep....or so we thought. Then I heard a bump or something in their bedroom and asummed it was Molly, our night owl. Then I opened the door and this is what I found....

Between the two of them, they had removed EVERY single book off the shelf and brought them across the room to the pallet we made on the floor for them to sleep on. For some reason here lately sleeping in the floor is WAY better than the bed. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the sad looking empty bookshelf. I quickly closed the door, grabbed the camera, and called Brian in for a good laugh. He opened the door and all he could say was...."at least they weren't crying, trying to go to sleep".

I want to blame this incident on Julie...she told me at VBS this week that I wasn't doing very good at keeping up my blog. I told her they apparently aren't doing anything worthy of picture taking except going to the zoo. She said it was no excuse...I think she sent me some bad vibes that encouraged these Kodak Julie :)

Oh are some more pictures from our criminals, caught, with the evidence EVERYWHERE!!!

The Usual Suspects!!!!

More incriminating evidence