Friday, December 15, 2006

Filling Big Shoes....Daddy's Shoes
Brian came home from work the other day and the girls naturally flocked right to him, barely letting him take his boots off. They are big, heavy and always dirty, but they loved them. Brian got the bright idea to put Molly's tiny feet inside as the girls are facinated w/ shoes right now. If they find a pair they take them to the rightful owner and try to "help them" put them on. I am amazed that they can distiguish between mine and Brian's. I guess I don't give them enough credit. Molly loved being in them, but not as much as Sarah. Sarah wanted her daddy to tie them and take her for a walk. Even as tight as he could get them her tiny legs slipped right out. Then she decided she was going to carry them around. This is just a guess, but I am guessing they weigh around 3-4 lbs a piece. She was lugging them around like they were nothing. She really tickles me!!
Molly liked daddy's boots.

Sarah just wanted to walk....and kept walking right out of them.

Then Sarah walked off with them.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Learning New Things!
Molly trying to figure out how to point and click!

Just because you can get something in something, doesn't mean you can always get it out!