Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lazy Blogger, but cute pictures

Okay, so I am about to go to bed, but I wanted to post something. Here is a beautiful picture of my precious Molly. She is looking good!!! We don't let her wear "low ridder" panties....she is just terrible about keeping them pulled up, right side out, and the legs in the right holes. Isn't she precious?!?!?!?

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Baby? A baby in your tummy?

I was working on monogramming a diaper bag for Marti when Molly came in my sewing room. She asked if the bag was for her and I told her no, it was for Ms. Marti and Molly quickly said, "oh, for the baby in her tummy". I said, "yes".

Then she asked if I had a baby in my tummy, of course I told her no, but she was in my tummy when she was a baby, before she was born. She turned to look at me with a very peculiar look on her face. She then said, "why, did you eat me?". Oh, good times at our house!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Girl and her Tractor?

You know as a parent of girls I thought for sure we would have many "girl" toys around the house, but as a wife to Brian I knew we would have many "boy" toys as well. It never ceases to amaze me what the girls enjoy playing with and this week it is their new tractors from Mr. Larry, or Mr. Warry as the girls call him. He came over the other day to haul off some wood from our tree disaster and told the girls they needed some big tractors....so that is just what he got them. Here are some pictures of my little farmers.

Please note that our giraffes are not only driving the tractors, but are riding in the tractors.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

If you came to our house.....

I thought this was cute, I would love to see all my blogging friends copy, paste and fill in!
If you came to our house,
You'd see . . .lots of outside toys and things for the girls. My goal is to make my yard as much like a play ground as possible.
We'd feed you . . . probably spaghetti since we eat it at least once a week either than or a PB&J Sandwich.
You'd drink . . .sweet tea, water, watered down juice, milk, Crystal Light, Diet DrPepper, or from Brian's shop fridge: beer or water.
You'd read . . . Brian: Mustang Monthly or Car Craft, Jamie: The Host or Reader Digest, Molly: 10 Little Fish or Barney Hide and Seek (UGGGGGGGG), Sarah: If you give a mouse a cookie or her new favorite.....6 Pages of Dr. Desoto.
Play music . . . probably Veggietales or Dan Zanes....we are a hard rocking house!
Tell you the latest about . . . Bible School and how much we enjoyed WOW or Brian's progress on his car.
Suggest a game of . . . Monopoly or Texas Hold'em or the girls favorite...spin me in daddy's office chair.
Show off . . . the girls new bicycles.
If it was a long visit, we'd watch . . . Brian: Two Guys Garage or Gearz, Jamie: Jon & Kate Plus Eight or Intervention, Molly: Word World or Tarzan, Sarah: Little Einsteins or Mary Poppins.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lamp Finds....and Misc.

Here are my new lamps....yeah good finds at Hobby Lobby. I love their 80% off section. I have gotten 4 fabulous lamps for under $100 this year. The ones in my bathroom were only $12 a piece. I love a good bargain! I think total it would have been $300 for all 4 lamps. Of course my question is....who pays $300 for 4 lamps???

Bedroom lamps.....please ignore the unmade bed.

The girls bathroom.

I need help....help picking out something to go on my mantel. It sounds terrible to say I hate it, but we have lived in this house for 4 years and nothing I put up there looks good! Please help. Here is a picture........any suggestions? Of course keep in mind it has to go with the HORRID brass spot lights. Okay, now looking at this picture, this room needs LOTS of help!

I have a kitty in my back and it hurts!

Okay, so here is a story on my Sarah. It is late and I am tired, but I have to write this down before I forget.

You know that feeling you get when you have had WAY too many sodas? Not the caffeine buzz or the sugar rush, but that your kidneys are going to shut down if they have to filter one more beverage. Well a couple of Saturdays ago I woke up with what I was sure was kidney pain from too many sodas Friday. I got the girls up, fixed breakfast and sat down with the girls....pain, pain, pain. Not mind numbing pain, but enough for me to mention it to Brian. I told him, "I think it is my kidneys....too many sodas, I am going to go lay on the couch".

Fast forward 2 weeks......we got in LATE tonight from WOW and the girls were wired for sound! Crying and gnashing of teeth trying to go to sleep on their own. I went in to rub backs and hold hands to help the "go to sleep" process along. I told Sarah I couldn't lay between them and rub both backs, she would have to settle for me holding her hand. That is when she announces, "I can't sleep, I need you to rub my back, I have a kitty in my back and it hurts!" I know that was a huge build up for just one line that I gave away in the title, but oh it made me laugh!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I know it is Sunday, but I need to do a 13 Thursday on Sunday.

13 Reasons I LOVE WOW.

1. Well, actually I love VBS, but I tolerate the fact that we changed the name to WOW. Just the name VBS makes me smile thinking of cookies and kids singing, I love kids singing.

2. Helpers, volunteers, and cookie ladies! There is really not telling how many volunteers it takes to do WOW, but I am thankful for everyone. Coordinating a class and having great volunteers makes me even more thankful.

3. My friends......my friends stepped up this year and helped when I requested help. I have good friends and we had a good time - so thanks to you guys!!

4. My kids make me enjoy WOW even more than I thought. I am a schedule kind of person and VBS kinds of ends late, so this is our first year to get to go to the auditorium and I really enjoyed watching the girls enjoy themselves singing and dancing with their teachers.

5. I love doing crafts, absolutely love them. I love seeing the kids with them after VBS is over, it makes me smile.

6. This is the first year the girls get to do the crafts I do and on the way home I asked Sarah about and she said, "I don't know, but look at this AWESOME star, it glows in the dark". I can understand how the glow in the dark star could trump the craft.
7. Singing Booster....SW has a way of changing things that don't need to be changed, but at least we are still holding onto Booster!
8. Red VBS shirts....yeah, I might even have one this year. If they still have my size tomorrow.
9. Homemade cookies delivered to my door that I didn't bake.
10. The singing corner of the craft room. I have heard many people say they don't understand why this is part of the learning centers, but who cares, I love it, I love it, I love it!
11. Oh, AG, the drama was awesome. This was my first year in a long time to get to see it and she did a fabulous job, I am proud of SW for doing something so original and so HUGE.
12. Adult VBS.
13. My kids....talking, laughing, singing, and enjoying VBS, their teachers, their star, and their night. Totally worth getting home at 10:00 and them in bed at 10:30. Totally worth it!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lambert's - Home of Throwed Rolls

Okay, I hate that title, it just sounds terrible! However, it is their tag line. We took the scenic route to take the girls to Lambert's this weekend. They have a wooden train outside for the kiddos to ride on outside while you wait for your table. They had a blast!!

Molly really enjoyed the train.

Riding the firetruck.

Sarah INSISTED upon driving.....I think she has some control issues....wonder where she gets that?

Sarah is eating her roll that her Daddy helped her catch.

Molly enjoying her roll and her soda....a special treat for the girls!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

For the love of Nanny

Oh, Nanny Jean, she is a special lady! She had made me feel like a part of Brian's family from the first time I went to her house. She is just nuts about the girls and follows them around playing games and answering EVERY question asked of her. They love her and of course we love her. She has made some of the girls favorite dancing dresses and has helped me and made several things for us when it is something too difficult for me. Thank you Nanny, we love you!

I don't know how old Nanny actually is, but she act about 30 years younger than her actual age!

She was playing with the girls during the firework show.

Wrestlemania 2008 at Nanny's house at Easter.

Disco inferno at Nanny's, I am telling you, she NEVER runs out of energy!

My girls special Easter dresses! See the fabulous bears in the background? She made those too! I don't think there is anything she can't sew.

Happy 4th of July!

I am a few days late with my post, but as I said, we have had some computer problems. We went to Nanny's house in KY for a picnic and swimming. These are the first pictures of I have of the girls swimming this year. They are quite the water babies and they have NO fear when it comes to swimming. My mom and dad got an in ground pool this year and it has been wonderful for the girls. My mom is thankfully cool, calm and collected when it comes to swimming with the girls and they are just as relaxed as she is. They just jump right in and swim! I love it!! I will post more swimming pictures later.

Here are pictures from our recent trip to KY for the 4th.

Swimming in Nanny's Pool - Daddy, Uncle Brock, Molly, Sarah, and our cousins Amy and Allison

Aunt Kimberly, Nanny, Baby Nathan, and Papaw Carl

Sarah and her dirty face holding sweet baby Nathan.

Our very first firework show.

Cousin Amy, our pyrotechnician :)

Peepaw taking us for a ride on Dan, the horse. Brian said Dan used to belong to Jim's dad and he figures he is probably 30 years old. He took the girls for a good ride!

Aunt Rachel helping with Dan.

Show your stuff Sunday

Wow, I have been a terrible blogger lately! I have had a terrible time with my computer this past week. I had to back up EVERYTHING, then HP did a system recovery, which sounded painless and fairly easy, let me tell you, it wasn't. It has been horrible trying to get all my stuff put back on and finding everything. UGGGGG.
So, I am back and here is my Show Your Stuff Sunday post. I found these FABULOUS sheets at Target on their clearance end cap. I found them for $12.48. I was super jazzed until I realized that they were size King and that was all they had. I guess that is why they were SO cheap. I called the sewing genius Nanny Jean to see if 2 twin sheets could be made out of a king set. I sent the fitted sheet to her and I held onto the flat sheet and pillowcases for myself.
Nanny pieced it and made two twin fitted sheets for me and today I finished the 2 flat sheets and pillowcases. I am so impressed with Nanny's ability to just look at the fitted sheet and figure out what needed to be done. I am thrilled!!!! These pictures do not do these sheets justice, they are really a couple of shades of lime green, but these pictures make them look like vomit green, they are not!

Aren't they grand? I LOVE them!

I wasn't going to put their names on them, but they loved to see their names on the old pillowcases.

I think between Nanny and me I have enough scraps to do some cute throw pillows...maybe some appliqued design on some solid colored pillows......???? I don't know what to do, any thoughts?? I also haven't finished the dust ruffles yet. Too many things on my project list!

This is Molly's gift from Meme this weekend. The stuffed kitty cat, it doesn't really go with our new mod sheets, but she LOVES it!