Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy New Year

Yes, I am aware it is already March, but I am a little behind in the blogging world. Sorry, I will try to do better!

Here are some pictures from our "rockin" New Years Eve party. We had food, fun, fellowship and Tinkerbell. I think the party ended around 10:00 when everyone started heading home. Who knew at the age of 32 I wouldn't be able to stay up until midnight.

The kiddos on a pallet in the floor watching Tinkerbell, having some quiet time.

Michael and Ash obviously engrossed in Tinkerbell

Baby Selby sacked out early....she isn't quite the party animal, yet.

These pictures are totally unrelated to our New Years Eve party, I just loved their new fire fighter shirts. Since Uncle Colby is a fire fighter, we had to have some shirts like his!

See it? See it? It says.....MFD...Memphis Fire Department

See my shirt...Love my shirt!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

It has been a long time since I have done one of these. I guess I am not feeling very thankful here lately, shame on me.

1. Z-Pack. I am feeling so much better. Almost like a human being again.

2. My husband finally got his pay situation at work straightened out.

3. G2 Gatorade, Love it, Love it, Love it!

4. Mother's Day Out. Watch out, I am going to the bathroom least for 5 hours today.

5. I am thankful for our generator since we are still without power.

6. My husband, who built a new fuel tank that would keep the generator from having to be filled up for 3 days. He is a GENIUS!

7. All the utility workers who are STILL working hard to get power restored to us rural people.

8. Oatmeal....warm and filling.

9. My husband for taking good care of me and the kiddos while I was puny.....2 weekends in a row. I think he is starting to suspect something.

10. Hugs and sugars from my I missed those while I was still contagious.