Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Blast '09

Well, we do not get KAIT, but I have heard rumors of this ice storm being called Winter Blast '09. Clever, clever folk at KAIT. We started getting rain/ice Monday night and is just kind of got worse from there. Thankfully Brian has a generator to run for our heat, fridge, TV, Internet, and lights. We have to use lights and everything else sparingly, but who cares, I am warm! We also have hot water and warm showers....and of course the ever important electricity to run my flat iron...hehehehe

I have a feeling it will be a LONG time until they get to us way out in the middle no where, but my husband has made sure we are warm. Thank goodness for that!

These Pictures are Tuesday Morning
These are Wednesday Morning, what a difference a day makes

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cousin Jake is Wearing What???

My sister brought Jake over last weekend for a day of play while our husbands worked. The kiddos had a great time, and Joy and I really enjoyed visiting. The reason for this post is not to tell you that, but to show these pictures of my nephew, which I am sure my brother in law is going to kill me for and Jake one day will be furious over. Isn't this what aunts are supposed to do?

It is so hard to walk in heels while wearing a unicorn.

Queen Jake, Witch Sarah, and Cinderella Molly

The bride and the that is a scary picture!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Molly the Kitty Cat?

The girls and I have not felt well this week and thankfully because I am able to stay home with them when they rest, so can I. Yesterday we were all three having a rough day so I decided to lay down with the girls to help them go to sleep quickly for their nap. There tends to be WAY less playing if I lay down with them and it helps get them a better, longer nap.

So I laid down with Molly and she cuddles up to me and starts licking her hand and rubbing her face. Licking the front of her hand and the back of her hand and rubbing all over her cheeks. I smiled and asked her what she was doing and she told me she had something sticky on her face and she was just washing her face. We don't have a cat and I am not sure where she saw that, but it looked like my 3 year old was a cat grooming herself.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's under your bed?

Instead of being productive and working or cleaning, I am blogging. Shhhh, don't tell my husband who never reads my blog so would only know if someone snitched on me.

Unfortunately, we have a TV in our bedroom. We very rarely watch it, but every now again we turn it on. We were trying to find the remote the other night when Brian suggested we look under the bed. Fear immediately swept my face since I knew I NEVER clean under my bed. Really, never, never, never. We have one of those sleep number beds (advertised by the talented Lyndsay Wagner) and they have a base under them rather than a frame so it is really hard to clean under them....excuse, excuse, excuse.

Anyway, this is what I found under my bed.

Yes, this is an entire collection of hair thingies as they are called in the Stahl house. Notice they are all different colors, shapes, and sizes so it is not just a pkg of them, but a collection. I was thrilled because I am always looking for one. Of course these are going to have to be run through the wash first since they are covered in hair or dust....or both, but still VERY usable.

2 used and very loved pacifiers. Talk about making my uterus ache. I love pacifiers and the way sweet babies look sucking on them and the sounds....oh, just so sweet.
There were MANY other things under my bed, but these were picture and post worthy. I think I will go and be productive now.....maybe even clean under my bed.
What is under your bed?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Last Time???

I am typing this blog feeling a bit sorry for myself. I am looking around at my close friends and there are so many who are pregnant or about to welcome a new baby into their homes. I am so excited for them, of course, but a little sad for me. Having twins is the only thing I know and it has been fantastic. We won't be having anymore so there are so many first and last times that are my first and last......last. We have so many more firsts, but thinking about the ones when they were babies is making me weepy tonight.

My list of first times that I won't ever have again that are making me weepy tonight

1. The first ultrasound of my pregnancy

2. The first time I felt my babies move while I was pregnant

3. The first time my girls nursed (one of my ALL time favorite firsts)

4. The first time my girls slept through the night

5. The first time they ate cheerios

6. The first time they turned over on their own

7. The first time they walked

8. Their first REAL words

9. My first mother's day

10. Their first christmas

11. The first gut wrenching time I left them with a babysitter (my mom) to go on a date with my husband

12. The first time each of them said "I love you" to me

These are such special first memories....I am not feeling quite as weepy as I was before.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas.....yeah!!! is our Christmas, I am almost caught up. One more post on New Years Eve and I am completely caught up.

Making gingerbread houses with daddy

Santa LOVES cookies

Christmas goodies left by Santa

Opening presents Christmas morning

Molly, super star

Molly in her dress up

Jake and his COOL dinosaur

Sarah and the unicorn

Cousin Jake and his BB playing with the girls dress up dolls with Uncle Josh sleeping on the couch

Isn't she pretty? Her daddy thinks she looks too old.

Hanging out with Pappa

"Helping" Nanny fix pudding....and eating it

Molly's new best friend, Davin....or as we call him, David

Sarah really loves Baby Nathan

Silly Nathan

Sarah heping Nathan play with his new toy

Taking a rest with Daddy

Lots of cousins

Sarah holding the newest addition to our family, Baby Maggie

Molly got a card and a new "computer" from Papa Carl and that is all she wanted to play with on the way home from KY. We had to pry the card out of her sleeping hands.

"Snow" Day

It wasn't technically snow, but it looked like that to the girls. They had such a good time in their snow suits running around on the ice.

Molly trying to make a snow angel.....on the ice.
She stood up looked down at her snow angel (that wasn't there), and said, wow, so beautiful.

Trying for another angel
Playing in the cotton field. This is what you do for fun in Monette.

Christmas Card

Here are the pictures from our Christmas cards. I love my babies, but when they don't want to be cooperative, they really don't want to be cooperative. However, I was thankful that I got these 2 beautiful pictures of them.

Breakfast with Santa

We really enjoyed Breakfast with Santa at church this year, it was really good times. The girls got to decorate a cookie, sit with Santa, have breakfast, but the best part was singing with Mr. Travis. Molly became his groupie and sat with him for probably 30 minutes. Who knew Mr. Travis was so cool?!?!
Our picture with Santa, taken by the very talented Mr. Brandon

Molly, she is just so photogenic!

Molly decorating her cookie

Brian helping Sarah with her cookie

Sing along with Mr. Travis

A puppy elf, the girls were so excited

Molly "helping" Mr. Travis, who she now thinks is the coolest person she has EVER met.