Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas in Arkansas

Putting cookies out for Santa

Christmas morning.....Santa!!!

What fun things Santa brought in our stocking!

A fun new drawing desk

Another new writing desk from Granny.....a lot of fun!

Tool time with Molly

Tool time with Sarah!

Christmas in KY

We had a wonderful time in Kentucky. We got so many wonderful things and the we had a great time visisting and playing.

Opening presents with Meme.

Playing with Uncle David

Sarah sneaking some icing from one of Nanny's yummy home made cookies.

Mooching cheese from Aunt Teresa

Molly had all the fun she could have!

Cookies with Grandma
We had a wonderful time making sugar cookies with grandma this year! She let us cut them out, bake them and then we decorated them. Of course our favorite part was eating them!