Friday, February 22, 2008

Silly, Silly Girls!!!

I love the silly things that I get to experience every day as a stay at home mom. I am often envious of the so called freedom Brian has of getting to leave the house every day w/out a 2 year old (almost 3 year old) attached at the hip, but I know much more fun we have here that he does :) And I know for certain at 9:00 on a Friday morning he isn't getting to watch his girls dance to a silly forward sent to me from my mom w/ a dancing potato....or tater as my husband has taught the girls to say. Now they have scurried away to play together (thank goodness for twins!!!!!!!!!) while I get to read my friends blogs (all the while listening to Queen and other various 70's artists), check in on their lives, and post some new pictures of my sweet angels. What a wonderful rainy Friday morning.

Here are some pictures from a rare day when it was warm enough to play outside. Thanks Grandma for our wonderful tire swings....these are fabulous!! I also want all of you to know that usually I really try to be conscience of what our children wear out in public, but at home and especially is not unusual to find them in animal print pants, pink wind breaker, purple pom pom hat (to keep our ears warm) and don't forget our washing machine friendly navy blue crocs. We are styling!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Potty training......

We are trying and failing....trying and failing.....trying and failing to potty train the girls. Sarah likes to use the potty, but Molly just likes to sit and read....and sit, and sit! Here are some of our favorite pictures of some interesting pictures of our "training" use that word loosely!

Not only do we wear panties on our booties....but apparently on our heads as well

Sometimes you have to read to help concentrate....nothing like a little Nucor News

Then sometimes it helps to have a friend help......Horton loves to lend a hand.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

I know this is a late post that should have been done back during the holidays, but completely forgot about these. Grandma, cousin Jake, and Aunt Joy came over and we made gingerbread houses. It was a lot of fun and thankfully the weather was nice enough we got to run off our icing energy when we were finished. It was good times!

Molly helping grandma put up the walls of her house.

Aunt Joy and Jake working on Jake's house (for all of you who can noticed Joy's NASTY hands....let this be a cake icing premade, premixed, ready to go)

Sarah adding candy to hers.....the favorite part of it.

Molly's finished house....pretty!!

Sarah's finished house.

Jake's finished house....he just opened his bags of candy and dumped them all over the top of his house.