Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad Hair, REALLY Bad Hair

This is a story that I will classify under the title "Negligent Parenting". I take FULL responsibility for these pictures. The girls have been having some wild hair issues and my wonderful hair dresser (Debbie Bearden, if you don't know make an appointment today) recommended some "product" to help w/ the curly frizz. Being a fuzz hair myself I am VERY sensitive to bad hair. So I bought Potion Nine for the girl's hair. It works like magic. Back to the bad hair. Last Sunday Brian was in CA and I was flying solo in getting ready for church and getting the girls ready. I got them dress, fixed their hair and got out the door. I left the hair product on the dresser in their bedroom....when will I learn. True to form after their nap they were playing in their room and laughing a having a good time. With my ear glued to the baby monitor all I could do was smile and enjoy them playing so well together. Little did I know what mischief they were up to.

They found the bottle and were "fixing" their hair with it. Uggggggg! So not only did have a two grease heads on my hands, but now their carpet in their room is permanently stained orange. Great product....when used in hair. All Sarah could do was smile and say, "I fix hair, mama". Enjoy the new pictures....and sit back and smile knowing you don't have to clean the carpet!!!!!

Me? What did I do, I am perfect!

My hair looks bad? I take offense at that!

Oh the grease, oh the product.

Can you see how Molly's scalp is actually orange???

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My sweet sleepers

Some of you who check in on us with great frequency or who know us well, know that Brian and I don't spend much time away from the girls. We are a stay at home kind of a family, but Meme volunteered to take the girls for the weekend and Brian and I jumped at that opportunity.

Unfortunately, that came with a little hesitation and concern from this mother hen, who has never let her chicks spend the night away from home without Brian and I being there. So this was a first for us, but Brian and I REALLY needed some time away...away....away. We really enjoyed ourselves. These pictures aren't from this weekend, but last week when the girls discovered sleeping together again. They were just too sweet and I wanted to share them with everyone!

Poor things with their bed heads!! Cursed with the curly, frizzy hair, just like their mama!

Enjoy my pictures of my angels.

Night one of the co-sleeping. Molly has never been one for covers or "cuddling up" as we call it in the Stahl house.

However, Molly is known for being the BIGGEST bed hog (she learned that from her daddy)

Apparently, the second night of the co-sleeping they set up a divider in their tiny bed in the form of Sunshine Care Bear.