Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cousins are the best!

Cousin Jake came for a visit and boy is he fun! We thought we had a good time at our house, but nothing like when Jake comes for a visit. He didn't get to stay nearly as long as we would have liked, but he is coming for our birthday party and his mom and dad are going to let him stay for a while.....hip, hip, hooray!!! You can see from all the pictures that he is so much fun for us to play with. It won't be long and he will be talking, running, and getting into all the things we aren't supposed to get into.

Uncle Colby would not be happy about mom posting this picture of Jake in our PJ's. Shhhhhh.....just don't tell him!

Girls.....really, I LOVE your new beds.

Seriously, this big kid bed stuff is SWEET!

What is on your forehead?

Ah, I see....where I can get me one?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Big Girl Beds.....Follow Up

Well it has been a while since I posted the big girl beds and to their credit they have done fairly well with them. We still have some nights where it is a fight, but then we have several nights and naps where we don't. On the whole we are doing pretty good. I mainly wanted to post some new pictures showing what happens when Molly tires of the big girl beds.

The other night Sarah had lost her pacifier in the middle of the night and sat up in bed SCREAMING. So I went in there to search high and low so I could go back to sleep. This is where I found Molly....poor thing!

Molly and her quest for comfort. At least she was surrounded by friends.

Monday, March 12, 2007

HoHans HoHans HoHans!

To most of you who don't speak almost 2 year old, that sounds very weird. Those of us who do, we hear that 100 times a day and figured out early on that it means......hold my hand. Sarah learned to say this about 2 months ago and INSISTS that Molly comply. Whether it is helping her down the steps to the living room, dancing, or just ridding in the car. We must....HoHans. It started out w/ Sarah just "helping" Molly down the steps to the living room, even though she was perfectly capable if going down herself. Sarah thought she was being helpful as she dragged her sister along. Then we moved onto HoHans while we danced....that was funny! Basically it consisted of Sarah pulling Molly in a circle until one or both fell down (or into the TV, or couch, or entertainment center, or on top of Hailey). Good times with twins. Okay.....lets all......HoHans!!!

The first time we witnessed the holding of the hands.

More holding hands, wearing our "space suits" (which is another post all together)

Holding hands in the car.

Finally, holding hands dancing in the dinning room, while Sarah sings Little Bunny Foo Foo.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Girl Beds!

Well the time has come for the big girl beds.....the moment I have been dreading since I realize they wouldn't be able to sleep in a crib forever. I was reading on line at babycenter.com that my kids should have been in a big girl bed 4 months ago. Or it said they should be trying out the big girl bed. So, we went shopping for beds.

We found these great little toddler beds that were affordable (considering we were going to use our baby beds as twin beds until we found out how much guard rails were). So I thought with these being lower to the ground it would be easier on the girls and keep me from worrying as much about them falling out. I feel as if I was dupped! All I manage to do was to make it easier for them (my crafty little ones) to escape. They are getting better, but who knew this would be a milestone marked with crying, spakings, and 3:30 a.m. visits to the nursery.....again! So all you parents out there that haven't done the "big" girl/boy bed yet......be prepared to revert to the first 12 weeks of your children's lives when you were up and down every couple of hours. Of course I am sure this isn't true of all precious toddlers.....probably just a result of having a co-conspirator!

Our first night in our "big girl" beds.

You can see in the corner of the picture that dad left the cribs up (the first night).......just in case at midnight I changed my mind. His exact words......I don't want to be putting cribs BACK together at midnight.....a wise man!

I think maybe we need to invest in a more comfy mattress for Molly! She loves sleeping on her pillow.