Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wow, I have become a horrible blogger! One of those that rarely posts, but daily checks to see if others have added to theirs. Well here is our Christmas post.

This is our Christmas picture.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks since my last post. We adopted a new puppy, adopted some fish and aquarium, the girls are no longer using pacifiers (thanks Melissa Vanderbilt), my "little" stay at home mommy business has PICKED UP, and the girls are growing and changing like crazy. The girls can talk so plainly now, it is like having a real conversation with an adult. It is scary that my babies are growing up.

Here are some pictures of our new puppy, Sophie. She is such a sweetie, but she is having problems with the whole potty training thing! Sarah walks around watching her and is VERY quick to yell to me and tell me "Sophie poopy in the floor again, yucky, Sophie, you poopy in the potty, not on the floor". Funny Sarah.

This week has been a big week with Halloween festivities. We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins. We fed the goats, saw the chickens and even managed to pick out a few pumpkins. It was fun! Molly loved feeding the goats....but as you can see by Sarah having her hands behind her back....she didn't care for it.

Earlier in the week we carved pumpkins and made our jack-o-lanters. They loved seeing them lit and watching daddy carve them, but they didn't care anything about the "yucky" stuff inside.

We went to the fall festival at church last night and they had a blast. I know this blog is about the girls, but I had to post a picture of our good friend John Mark and his little costume that his VERY talented mommy made for him (she is my hero). The girls had a wonderful time in their cowgirl outfits. Thankfully they were girly enough and fun enough not to see like a costume so they didn't realize they were dresses up. We really enjoyed watching them in their HOT pink cowgirl boots.

We left the house and went straight to the fall festival where we went trick or treating and had a ball playing at the play ground and eating hot dogs and of course CANDY! Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's new house to trick or treat them. Below is a picture of Sarah dumping her booty out on Grandma's floor for further inspection and our very first real trick or treat.

Then we went to Mr. Mike and Ms. Cindy's house (our annual trick or treat on the way home) to see Lucy (the weiner dog) and to get wonderful treats from Ms. Cindy. We went home and we were tuckered out and ready for bed!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks at our house, but it has been fun! Thanks for checking in with us!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hailey "Bear" Stahl

February 18, 2003 - October 5, 2007

I know some may think it is silly to put a post about Hailey on the girl's blog, but she was as important to them as she was to me. She was hit Friday night on Hwy 18.

She was such a special dog and I know everyone that knew her will miss her. I am sure some people who don't love animals would think that she was just a dog, but she was so much more than that! She was a playmate to the girls, the best cuddler, watch dog, companion and just a wonderful dog. She was ALWAYS happy and loved attention from anyone. I think she was just born special, even though I would love to take credit for her disposition.

When I was pregnant and was on bed rest, she would lay in bed with me ALL day long. She would cuddle up to my stomach like she was protecting the girls. After they were born she was always right there watching them in their bassinets and laying next to me on the couch while I nursed the girls, usually cuddled up to one of the girls too. As the girls got bigger she would just follow them around from room to room, watching them play.

She will definitely be missed! Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of her.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Brian bought this goose and her duck for her the day after we got her. It was one of her favorite toys.

She just wanted to do whatever the girls were doing.

She was always right there with one or both of the girls.

You can barely see her under the covers, but she loved to cuddle w/ anyone.

Jake LOVED Hailey, and loved to give her sugars.

She took such good care of "my girls".

The last picture I have of her, she was playing with the girls on their new swing set Daddy built for them. She would just stand at the bottom waiting for them to go up and then down again. She would follow them all around the yard, just to see what they were doing.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Silly, creative, imaginative girls!!!

I don't really have a post, but more random pictures of the cute and funny things the girls have done and I have gotten pictures. Most cute and funny things happen so quickly, I only have a story to tell. These I actually had time to get pictures of. Enjoy, I hope they make you laugh like they did me!

We were coloring and using stickers....and Molly came up with this new look.

Then of course Sarah had to get in on the action!

Not too long ago, I found Molly "cooking". I asked her what was in the pot and then I RAN to get the camera. She was "cooking" her TSC animals. A little animal soup???

We had been playing outside and getting MUDDY, when I announced it was time to come in and throw our dirty clothes in the washing machine. So Daddy decided to give the girls a bath....the easy way.

Friday, September 14, 2007

We LOVE our new swing set!

I promised new pictures about 5 days ago.....sorry I am so late.


The girls love their new swing set and ask to go outside to see if Daddy is still working on it all the time!

I hope you enjoy the new pictures as much as we have enjoyed watching the girls enjoy their newest biggest toy.

Climbing up the BIG ladder for the first time

What daddy, be careful? Who me??

One at a, no me, no me, no me.

Up and then down, up and then down, up and then down the way her daddy put those purple pants on her.

Don't let go, daddy!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Labor of Love

Here is a picture of the newest addition to our family.

I am aware that is a swing set, but I feel like Brian gave birth to this. He started Sunday of last week and with the help of his VERY GOOD friend Steve they got the first level and then some of the second level finished. Then Monday (labor day), my husband LABORED! Along w/ Grandpa they almost completed the second level, added the steps, the slide and then the railing around the bottom.....whew.....I was tired just watching. Unfortunately the next week, it rained, and rained, and rained. However, through the rain after work my dedicated husband and father of my children continued to work. Unfortunately, the weekend brought more rain and this afternoon it cleared up enough for him to work AGAIN. This evening at 8:18 Brian finished "the hardest project" I have done in a while....that is a direct quote from one of the smartest men I know. Poor thing, I think if it had come with better instructions and perhaps labels on the 3000 pieces of wood, it would have been finished in 2 days.

So BIG thanks to Steve and Grandpa!!!!

I will post pictures tomorrow of the girls playing on the labor of love.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Random Post

Well, I don't really have anything exciting to post right now. Brian is in the middle of putting together a HUGE swing set for the girls so hopefully I will have some new pictures when the behemoth is complete. Bless his heart, what a good daddy.
Here are some random cute or funny pictures I found of the girls. Maybe they are only cute or funny to this mama, but I love looking at them. Maybe they will bring at least a smile to someone else.
However, before you look, I need to clarify something to those of you who don't see my kids out in public just in pictures from this post. My girls have the curly hair like myself and it is a booger bear for them. So when we are at home I let them have wild hair w/ no ponytail holders or clips, which often times gives them the look of wild women. Now, when we go out in public I try VERY hard to make sure they are groomed (complete w/ bows....of course). So don't judge my precious girls because their hair looks wild on their is my fault!

We are trying (very unsuccessfully) to potty train right now. Sarah was wearing a pull up on her first day and didn't quite understand when I said to pull her panties up that I meant all the way up.

In addition to exposed tiny hiney, notice wild uncontrollable hair.

We had just gotten home from a trip to Aunt Joy's and Molly climbed on the table to scavenge through the over night bag to find the beloved and used only at nap time and bed time pacifier. She isn't the sneakiest kitty, considering I had time to laugh, grab my camera, and take a couple of pictures before she realized I had "found her out".

My cuddle bug, who loves nothing more than a cuddle w/ a warm blanket and a pillow (on a trip from KY)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad Hair, REALLY Bad Hair

This is a story that I will classify under the title "Negligent Parenting". I take FULL responsibility for these pictures. The girls have been having some wild hair issues and my wonderful hair dresser (Debbie Bearden, if you don't know make an appointment today) recommended some "product" to help w/ the curly frizz. Being a fuzz hair myself I am VERY sensitive to bad hair. So I bought Potion Nine for the girl's hair. It works like magic. Back to the bad hair. Last Sunday Brian was in CA and I was flying solo in getting ready for church and getting the girls ready. I got them dress, fixed their hair and got out the door. I left the hair product on the dresser in their bedroom....when will I learn. True to form after their nap they were playing in their room and laughing a having a good time. With my ear glued to the baby monitor all I could do was smile and enjoy them playing so well together. Little did I know what mischief they were up to.

They found the bottle and were "fixing" their hair with it. Uggggggg! So not only did have a two grease heads on my hands, but now their carpet in their room is permanently stained orange. Great product....when used in hair. All Sarah could do was smile and say, "I fix hair, mama". Enjoy the new pictures....and sit back and smile knowing you don't have to clean the carpet!!!!!

Me? What did I do, I am perfect!

My hair looks bad? I take offense at that!

Oh the grease, oh the product.

Can you see how Molly's scalp is actually orange???