Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WOW - Wonders of his Word

Okay, so I am 3 months behind on my other posting, but I wanted to give this one cutsies because it is my favorite! I just love Southwests' version of Vacation Bible School. The girls were in the 3's this year and the 3's are considered a big kid class. That means they get to come to the craft room, the drama and the auditorium.

We invited their friends Faith and Allyson to come and they have been there every night so far. Their parents have come and enjoyed Jeff Walling and his son Taylor as well. Brian said the adult series is wonderful!

The girls and I in the learning center classroom (my classroom)

Here are some more picture highlights:

They wanted to pose all around the room.

Our friend, Allyson

Our friend, Faith