Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Kitties

About 2 1/2 years ago my sister and I pulled some boxes of books out of my attic that my mom had saved for us. My parents didn't believe in buying your child a toy every time the sun rose and set, but we did have a lot of books. Thankfully my mom saved those books for us. One Saturday afternoon after Jaker was born and Joy was here for a visit we pulled those boxes down and went through the books dividing them up. There were a few cat fights that Brian had to break up (just kidding) over who got what book, but it gave my husband a great idea about the girls books. Box them up and let them duke it out over the books when they had kids.

My girls are getting older and we are reading "big girl" books rather than their baby books as they call them. So I was going through their books putting the board books back for their kids, cough cough, my hopefully some day grandkids. Anyway, I found a Stahl house favorite. This is the story of a busy kitties.

This is a sweet little book about the day in the life of a kitty.

Every page rhymes with the one opposite of it.

And.....what do you think rhymes with cuddling??????

You may not be able to read it in yellow, but it says - Kitty puddling
I would love to post something clever and witty here, but I really think the books speaks (reads) for itself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look what I made!!

Okay, I can take credit for making these cute clips, but not the idea. Amy Barrett had the idea and I ran with it and have now made...oh about 100. So, I haven't really made 100 of them, but I just love them, they are so sweet. They are embroidered on very soft felt and they have a snap clip on the back that will hold even the finest of hair. Normally I reserve this blog for my girlies, but I wanted to show these off because I love them so much.

St. Patty's day clips

Just a few that I have done

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The New Bookshelf

My husband has a great friend who built this beautiful bookshelf for the girls and they just love it. We have had since the week of the ice storm, but I am slow posting.

I love it!! The girls don't really play with Barbie dolls much right now, but eventually each cubby is set up like a room in a Barbie house. The most wonderful thing about it are the drawers on bottom. More storage. Yeah!!!!

Notice the trim and the shingles on top....this guy is talented!!

The drawers, the glorious drawers.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Flower Girls

The girls were in a beautiful wedding this weekend. An old family friend got married on Saturday and she asked the girls to be her flower girls. She also had her nephew Garrett in the wedding as the ring bearer. Of course I took my camera, but I was so busy worrying about my girls behaving and not ruining Amie's special day, I didn't take but a few pictures.

The girls did great!!! Molly at the rehearsal dinner took her basket from Amie's Aunt Teresa and started down the aisle and without any instruction, started throwing out her pretend petals. Sarah on the other hand is a little more shy and had a little bit of trouble. She made it down the aisle several times in practice, but just couldn't commit the day of. We went and sat down next to Grandma and Grandpa during the ceremony and watched Molly stand next to her new friends, bridesmaids Jami and Tasha where she stood during the entire ceremony. It was a very sweet ceremony and the church was beautiful. Of course what made it absolutely perfect was the snow falling outside.

We had so much fun! Congratulations, Dan and Amie and thanks for including us in your special day!

The gorgeous bride, Amie and the girls

Grandma and a very calm mother of the bride, Rowanne

The girls "practicing" before the wedding

More "practicing" while everyone watched and cheered and hoped this was a good sign of things to come

Sarah Beth and her new friend, Sara Beth (Dan's neice). She asked me if Sara was her sister.