Monday, March 31, 2008

50 Things

I just wanted to see if I could come up with 50 things. I am not terribly observant, so I will be shocked if I can, but I am going to try.

Molly Ann

1. She was not named after my mom, we realized after we picked out the name and thought about it for a while that it was my mom's middle name.

2. She has blonde/light brown hair and NO ONE in my family does.

4. At night while sleeping she drools something fierce (like her mom).

5. She also sleeps on her stomach (like her mom used to LOVE to do)

6. She has flat toenails like her dad.

7. She is a dancing FOOL.

8. She can find an object and obsess about it.

9. She is potty training way better than her sister even though every night before bath her sister would potty and she would refuse.

10. She is a happy morning person....happy morning person.

11. She loves to laugh at her own jokes.

12. She also loves to laugh when she toots. (which we are trying very hard to break her of)

13. She never meets a stranger.

14. She LOVES her Sophie.

15. Wears dancing shoes all the time.

Sarah Beth

1. While going to sleep at night she rubs her feet together and can't keep her legs still (like her mom).

2. She loves the noise of the fan while she is trying to go to sleep.

3. Loves bath time and NEVER cries or complains when she has to have her hair washed.

4. Has a very sweet smile, but is always thinking about something to get into so behind that sweet smile is a very sneaky girl.

5. Loves to be outside and being dirty.

6. Says Gracias instead of thank you.

7. She will tell you she loves her Sophie, but when she gets in her bed she pushes her in the floor.

8. She is smart like her daddy and can figure just about anything out.

9. She has a fierce determination.

10. Misses me most when I am away from them.

11. Has wonderful bed head in the morning.

12. Never complains when you brush her teeth and sings the brush your teeth song after and some times during.

13. Loves to sing and has a wonderful memory for song lyrics.

14. Likes to have her hair fixed and never complains when I brush her hair.

15. Requests hugs and sugars every night before she goes to sleep.

Jamie Lane

1. I don't have a favorite color, I never have. I have pretended to in the past, but in reality I care for all colors the same. I probably like orange the least, though.

2. I love music, love music. It makes me happy!

3. I rub my feet together at night to help me get calmed down to fall asleep. Drives Brian CRAZY, just ask him and watch him roll his eyes.

4. I am a morning person, but I am also a night owl.

5. I love watching movies!

6. I love my hair, I complain about it being curly, but I love having dark hair.

7. I sing all the time at the house and my kids ask me not to sing. I am not sure if it is because I sing too much or if it is just that bad.

8. I have ugly toes, really ugly toes. However, I used to think they were grand, but I have decided since then that all toes are nasty.

9. I think Uvula and Vagina sound like nasty words and people shouldn't use them.

10. Brian said I snore worse than him.....I am not sure how he knows how badly he snores, but mine must be pretty bad :)

Brian Wayne

1. He hates his middle name.

2. His last name is German for Steel and he works at a steel mill.

3. He can fix almost anything, it is impressive if you don't know this about him.

4. He is the hardest worker I have ever known, even when he isn't happy with his job he gets up and goes and NEVER complains.

5. He also never takes all his vacation days and is NEVER sick.

6. His legs are shorter than mine....hehehehehehehe.

7. He loves his girls more than anything in the world and is a wonderful daddy.

8. Loves to hunt and has even hunted for animals I have never even heard of.

9. He is restoring his 70 Mustang that he drove in high school, unfortunately he doesn't have much free time so he may not get to finish until after the girls graduate!

10. Works with metal in his shop and makes awesome stuff.

Crafting.....3 year old Style

So my Granny (the girls great granny) sent them birthday cards with $3 and one to grow on. We went to Hobby Lobby with Ash and John Mark to do some fabric shopping for the grown ups. I found a few things, but not much. I told the girls we would take their money from Granny and let them pick something out with their money.

I was so happy when they chose a piggy bank craft kit. There wasn't much crafting, just some painting, glitter glue, and stickers, but they loved it.

They took their $4 and their piggy bank up to the cash register and paid for their purchases. They had such a good time painting and glitter gluing. That they chose a craft instead of a toy, makes me tear up just thinking about it. Here are some pictures from their crafting.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Girl, you'll be a woman soon.....

Ah, my little girl is growing up. Sophie came into heat last week. This is only my second inside dog and I let it slip my mind that I needed to get her fixed (Bob Barker is very dissapointed in me). Anyway the mess started last week and my diaper bill went up, again. I called my mother in law who suggested diapers until her appointment with the vet.

Many, many times I roll my eyes and sigh when I hear friends and family say, "Oh, I have too much on my plate". Or another one of my favorites, "I am just SOOO busy right now". But here I am saying it....."I am too busy to diaper a dog, I have too much on my plate to spend time worry about another female and her cycle in my house". So today Sophie went to the vet and now she is a little less of a woman than she was yesterday.

However, it did leave me with some cute pictures of her and her diapers.

Sophie and her first diaper.

I could barely get Sarah still for a picture and wouldn't you know it Sophie and her diaper managed to get in the picture.

Sophie was having a trouble keeping her diaper one so Meme taped it on and then added the bandana for extra support.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Brian's Shut down is almost over, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Brian got home as we were getting home and helped us in the house and did bath night and bed time for me, while I very lazily sat down to read emails and blogs....what a blessing!!!

3. Grandma and Grandpa got the girls digital cameras for their birthdays....what I am thankful for is the sound and the flash in my rear view mirror as we were driving the dark.

4. At Walmart today Molly got a sticker from the greeter and turned to her and said, "thank you very much". Good manners!!!

5. Bed head! I love waking the girls up and seeing this:

6. This should be on Thursday....but I am so excited in anticipation for it. My carpets are getting cleaned on Thursday.....yeah!!!

7. My Molly sure loves her Sophie, she asked if she could sleep with her during nap time today. I wouldn't be surprised if my sweet one grows up to be a vet or something dealing with animals.

8. Sophie has stopped with her um.....female issues for the time being. (that is a whole other post).

9. My girls played together, alone for 2 hours today with no fighting!!

10. At Walmart Sarah didn't ask for a sticker and didn't realize she didn't have one until she saw Molly with 2. Molly gave Sarah one of hers so she wouldn't be without. That is sweetness!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Man we had a busy and fun weekend! Brian was working shut down so the girls and I went to KY without him and had a blast.

I loved the girls Easter dresses, but I can't take credit for them. This talented lady can:

Brian's Nanny is one talented lady! She made the girls dresses and they turned out even more beautiful than the picture on the pattern. She has made the girls dresses since they were born! She also made them baby blankets, made us a quilt, and has done numerous other embroidery things for everyone in my family. She is awesome, and she is just the sweetest person. She has treated me like family since the day I met her! Thanks Nanny!

Pepaw walking us into Church

Meme and Pepaw posing with us

Playing in the floor at Nanny's house, getting our pretty dresses all dirty, but having fun.

More Baby Nathan

Babies are just the best thing in the world, and Nathan is at the top of that list for us right now. He is just so precious, I can barely stand it. We have had quite a few friends having babies lately and I have been working on baby gifts galore, hosting, and going to showers and I have never had that urge for another baby. Not even once. However, this weekend seeing Nathan stirred up those baby feelings that I thought I was long over. It was that sweet little face that looked just like Brock....which meant it looked just like my Brian. It was amazing to me how much he looked like Sarah when she was that age (sweet hairy back and all). Sarah was so taken with Nathan, she just couldn't get enough of him. I kept trying to keep her back so she wouldn't breathe her little kid germs on him, but I could tell she was aching to hold him. Sweet, sweet Nathan, here are some more new pictures of our visit and some Brock and Kimberly sent to us.
Nathan Andrew Stahl
born to Brock and Kimberly Stahl
March 17 2008 at 9:05 PM.
Weight:6 lbs 12 oz
Length: 18.5 inches

Look at this sweetness!!!!

His VERY, VERY proud Daddy, Brock (Brian's younger brother) Also known as Uncle Broccoli to my Sarah

Sarah, Meme, and Nathan - she just couldn't get enough of him!

Molly, Sarah, Meme and Nathan

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Nathan is Here!!

I am an aunt again and I am so happy. Here he is, Nathan Andrew Stahl. Brian's younger brother Brock and his wife Kimberly are the very proud parents. He was born on March 17th and they got to come home last night. His first night at home was rough, they said, but I am sure tonight will be better. Yeah, another cousin to play with!

Why I Love Being a Mom

These are just some cute pictures that remind me how cute and funny my kids are!!!

This is a old picture from last summer. We went to Brian's Nanny's house and Sarah wanted to wear a mask. It was too cute!!

Molly is too cool for school!!!

I know Molly thinks this is a funny face and it certainly makes me laugh, but it is kind of scary too!

Yes, she sleeps with her sunglasses!!

You make me feel like dancin'

Who is that masked girl?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Shower is Finished

On behalf of my husband I am going to do a Show Your Stuff Sunday for him. He worked on most of it by himself w/ some help from my brother in law and one of his friends helped with the grout, but most of it he did alone. I love it, it is wonderful. Brian was even thoughtful enough to put in a shaving your legs ledge.

Here are some pictures of before and after.

Before he did anything. The flooring was having some problems, it was cracking on the bottom.

The floor, I know it looks really bad, but Brian was really busy and this was the best we could do in a pinch.

My side of the shower....see the wonderful shaving ledge?

Brian's side of the shower, no ledge, but still fabulous!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Things I am thankful for.....

1. My shower is finished and it is beautiful! I will be giving tours daily and $2 fee for anyone who wants to take a shower in my beautiful shower!!!

2. My foot feels absolutely wonderful today for the first time in a LONG while. Dr. Lee Woodruff is a foot genius.

3. Sarah Beth had a hard time going to sleep, but daddy walked in from work about the time she took a turn for the worst and stepped into sit beside her bed and rub her back until she fell asleep.

4. Twins/sisters to play together. I love to hear them laughing together.

5. The ever present request EVERY night for hugs and sugars, making me feel so special and loved.

6. Warming up weather. The rain wasn't so great, but I am hoping with the rain will come beautiful flowers.

7. My beloved and wonderful husband sent someone today to fix my heat! We haven't needed it much here lately, but it is nice to take the nip out of the air.

8. My recliner/laptop combination and my VERY smart husband who introduced me to wireless internet and changed my life forever! I love technology.

9. Danna Ramsey for jump starting me with my blogging again, I am thankful that she lit a fire beneath me to help me be more consistent to save all these memories for my girls and myself for later. Wow....was that a run on sentence or what!?!?!?!

10. This picture right here:


Yeah, we finally kind of have enough hair for ponytails. We tried them out last and then this morning Sarah informed me she wanted her hair like mommy's. I think perhaps I wear a ponytail too much! Maybe I can be like the stars and call it my signature look...hehehehehe

Posing so mom can take a picture with our new style.

Molly has a few more whispies than Sarah, but she is getting there.

Okay.....blogger poll to my friends and family. Who does Sarah's profile look like? Brian or Me??

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Stuff

Brian and I talk all the time about how funny the girls are and the funny things they say. I wish I could walk around with a video camera to catch them so we can laugh about them later, but obviously that is isn't an option. So I thought I would tell a few funny stories on the girls,

Story #1

The other night on his way home from work Brian was talking to Sarah, the conversation went like this:

Brian: Were you a good girl today?

Sarah: What?

Brian: Were you a good girl today? (a little louder this time)

Sarah: What?

Brian: Were you a good girl today? (a little louder than the last time)

Sarah: What?

Brian: Were you a good girl today? (a little louder than the last time)

Sarah: Why are you talking so loudly? (she then takes the phone lays it down on the table and walks off to play with her sister, leaving Brian and I to laugh, and laugh)

My silly, silly Sarah using her new word and proudly showing us that she could.

Story #2

Molly loves to dance and insists upon wearing her "dancing shoes" that her Meme gave her (one of 6 pairs we have around the house in various places). Brian said it was time to go to bed and Molly sticks up her pointer finger and said, "Just one more music, Daddy". So I turn on DirecTV Sattelite Music and I am searching for a Molly approved dance song. I guess we found it, I ended up on the Bluegrass Junction channel and the music starts and Molly turns to me and says, "Perfect, I love this song". So she starts dancing her little jig with her sweet little curls just a bouncing.

These are just some random at home pictures of my little posers. Molly was convinced I needed to take a picture of her tongue. Who knows, but I am sure when she is older, these are pictures of her sweet face and unique personality that I will treasure!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bubble Clothes????

These pictures obviously have nothing to do with my children on my daily life, I just liked them. I thought they were cute and interesting that someone took so much time to put that much work into something. It is amazing! I showed them to Brian and he laughed and said, "wow, you could never wear those". I am afraid of balloons.....deathly, heart stopping afraid of balloons. Popping balloons is enough to make me pass out....weird isn't it? They scare me almost as much as I am freaking myself out! Enjoy these really cool pictures and for those of you who know me well, knowing that I am a big baby who is afraid of balloons!

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Snow!!!

Let me tell you, I think this was by far my favorite snow day, EVER!! I am sure when I was younger I enjoyed a good snow day, but this weekend was the best. Brian built the motherload of all sleds and we had a blast. He hooked it up to the Polaris and we took turns riding with the girls around the yard. It was so much fun, but I think maybe he may make a few adjustments for next year. Unfortunately one of us was either driving the polaris or riding with one of the girls so there are no pictures of the sled, but it was fun!!

One of the girls riding the 4 wheeler in the snow...plastic tires, no traction. So bascially Brian and I walked behind the girls pushing them through the snow. The girls had fun and Brian and I got some exercise.

We love snow and usually because of the way the wind blows we get HUGE snow drifts. As you can tell by Molly (on the left) stuck in one. She is waist deep in the snow.

Now, this is my favorite picture because of the story. We tried to build a snowman. Our top snow was so dry we couldn't get it to pack so it was the smallest snowman of all times. Sarah insisted that it have arms and then when we made a tiny head she said he needed a carrot nose. Of course we didn't have a carrot outside, so she settled for a pecan. However, when trying to put the pecan on, she knocked the head off and it rolled away. They both laughed and then proceeded to kick the rest of the snowman until he was just a small pile of snow. Funny!!!

Sophie chased Molly into a snow drift and she got "tuck".

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Show Your Stuff Sunday.....

Well, I think the general idea was to show your stuff on Saturday, but I could not for the life of me get my internet to connect to blogger. I think there might have been a system problem. So here it is on Sunday....close enough.

Crayon Nibbles

I found this on line and wanted to make some goodies for the girls Easter Party for Mother's Day Out. I am going to combine Saturday and Tuesday Tutorial in one day. Except here is a better tutorial than I could every produce on my own.

Our Bunny Crayons

Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Day!

I remember as a kid the excitement of the possibility of a snow day. The night before my mom wondering whether school was going to be called off because KAIT had predicted snow for the next day. Then laying my oversized head down that night to dream about a day off from school. Imagine my disappointment this morning when I woke up to NO SNOW!!! It made me feel like I was 12 years old again and the sadness I felt as a snow day slipped through my fingers. However, my happy face reappeared as I was folding laundry during nap time (not about the laundry part, never about the laundry part) when I looked outside to see the amount of snow that had accumulated on the ground....yipppppppeeeee!

The girls have been sick, but I bundled them up to the point that Molly couldn't put her arms down. It was like on a Christmas Story, very funny! Anyway, out the door we went and into the BLOWING snow. It was good times except the VERY high snow drifts. I forget that my girls are still small since they are SO much bigger than they used to be, but poor Molly kept tipping over (face first) into the drifts.......laughing the whole time. Oh to be young again and finding it funny to fall down on my face.

Enjoy our pictures and enjoy the snow tomorrow!!

By our back door.....the first steps in the snow.

The girls making snow balls....kind of.

Sarah's very small and wingless snow angel.

The house from the road. I was standing in the middle of our not so busy road (never busy road) all the while Sarah was yelling, "Get out of the road, momma, some one will hit you". I am not sure who someone was because there was fresh snow and one set of tire tracks on the road.

To those of you who don't dog is Black....not grey or white. She had the best time in the snow, probably more fun than the three of us put together.

It is no exaggeration for me to say that Molly LOVES her 4 wheeler. She wanted to go off road with it.....after she meticulously cleaned all the snow off of it. Silly girl!

P.S. Brian is outside in his shop building what I am sure will be the monster of all sleds for the girls tomorrow so check in, I am sure I will have more pictures from that!