Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Well, I am feeling lazy and I do not feel like looking for the 10 things imagine it HERE.

1. I am so busy with my little teeny business.

2. I actually had a customer Sunday say REALLY nice things about me. Sometimes it is just good to hear.

3. My girls went to sleep without a fight tonight and last night...2 nights in a row....yippeeee!

4. My new friend Susan, it is good to have new friends and I love and appreciate my Christian friends. I hope I never take that kind of friendship for granted!

5. Julie.

6. Sonic, sonic, sonic, sonic, sonic. There are not many great things about living in Monette, AR, but being 8 minutes from Happy Hour at Sonic is almost at the top of that list.

7. My girls went to sleep without a fight tonight and last night....2 nights in a row...yippeee!

8. My girls friends at school that they LOVE! It warms my heart to hear my girls talk about their friends at "school" and tell stories of all the funny things they have done.

9. New songs at church Sunday morning. My girls were beaming with pride as they sang their little hearts out to one of our favorite VeggieTale songs.

10. Mr. Brad pulled me aside after Children's Church Sunday and told me how wonderful the girls were doing in Children's Church and how much he enjoyed hearing them sing. I love me some singing babies....especially my babies!


Amy Barrett said...

Singing babies are THE BEST! I liked your list and your sign for 10 things Tuesday was more colorful than I remember and had more pink in it.... ha.

Andria said...

Yay for little singers!