Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Show / Mother's Day Out

My girls had a great year last year at Mother's Day Out at Central Baptist. Every time we drive past the church the girls get really giddy and talk about their school, Ms. Pat and Ms. Paula and then all of their friends. Really we had the greatest teachers and some pretty great friends too!

Every year they have an art show showcasing the things the kids work on throughout the year. The girls were so excited to go this year, but not to see their stuff, but to see their friends. They had a great time flitting around and just visiting.

My sweet girls, they are getting so big!

Sarah's flower/measuring chart

Molly's Flower/Measuring Chart

Ms. Paula and the girls, she is such a sweetheart!

Ms. Pat, she is such a great teacher and a wonderful christian woman

Mom......please stop taking our pictures!!!!
The girls and their friends Faith (on the right) and Allyson (on the left).


Holly said...

Impressive artwork! Your girls are so adorable!