Monday, August 24, 2009

Breaking the Addiction

While I was pregnant I banished sodas from my everyday life and just enjoyed them during a trip to the movie theater. Then Brian one day decided he wanted me to start buying Diet Dr Pepper to keep at the house. Harmless request......not really! I have a friend that I once mocked for saying she was addicted to the stuff, but now I see its power and its draw. It calls to me in the morning as I am getting out of bed. I think about it before I go to bed, with longing of that first cold sip in the morning after I have wiped the sleep from my eyes. I keep one and only one in the refrigerator because I will only drink them cold and NEVER over ice. And the other day, I realized I had a problem.
I have banished them from my life again and oh the pain and misery. Do you realized doing with out them can give you headaches and nausea? I am thinking that much like the tobacco industry the Dr Pepper company needs to be required to put that on their cans. Today is day 5 and I think I am over the worst of it. Now I just need to work on my worst!


Julie and Chris said...

I am with you sister!! I quit Diet Cokes AGAIN in May and it does get better I promise!!! I don't even want one anymore!! But I have that addiction for food too!!! I am going to work on that as well!!!
You can do it!!

K, L and M said...

DP is the devil!!! Very hard habit to go girl!!! Keep it up!! you the the cute james avery-dp charms you can only get from the DP website...SO cute..just sayin'!!!

Holly said...

I love Diet DP too! But don't ever try Diet Mtn Dew. It is a worse addiction. I could not stop drinking that. Now I am back to Diet DP but only two a day. I just can't give it up completely. Good luck to you!